Use Pinterest effectively for your business with The Ultimate Pinterest Checklists!

7 ways to collaborate to grow your Pinterest Management business

7 ways to collaborate to grow your Pinterest Management business by Kathryn Moorhouse. Business Collaboration tips

Use Pinterest effectively for your business (or your client’s business) with The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Checklist! Collaboration is the cornerstone of business, in my opinion. We collaborate with clients, business owners and industry leaders. My entire business has been built through collaboration with other business owners. As I mapped out where I got my DREAM […]

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Improve your client onboarding experience and easily keep up to date with all the Pinterest Management tasks you have for your clients with The Ultimate Pinterest Manager Checklist! Why do some people get conversions from Pinterest and others don’t?  It’s an interesting topic because there are so many things that affect conversions on any platform. […]

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10 reasons why content creators should be on Pinterest by Pinterest Expert, Kathryn Moorhouse. As a content creator your goal is to increase your sales, grow your email list, book new clients and scale your business using online marketing. But how do you know if Pinterest marketing is the right choice for your business? Get the answers here. #pinterestmarketing #pinteresteducator #contentcreator

Struggling to decide whether you should use Pinterest as a content creator? With so many marketing channels to choose from you need to be very selective with your focus. When you try and market yourself on every platform you usually end up overwhelmed and frustrated. I’m sharing 10 reasons why content creators should focus on Pinterest as their traffic generation platform.

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5 tools every Pinterest Marketing Manager needs for business

I had NO idea what I tools or resources I needed when I got started as a Pinterest manager but I knew I’d learn everything I needed to along the way. If you’re wondering what tools you need as a Pinterest Manager then keep reading…it’s a lot less complicated than you think. Let me outline some of the key tools you’ll need to get started as a Pinterest Manager.

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You’re one decision away

You’re one decision away from the life you want. You’re also one decision away from the business you want. One decision. This decision can change everything – for better or worse. It will require a lot from you or it will require very little. The decision is yours to make. What happens after you make […]

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How to stay consistent even when you feel unproductive

How to stay consistent even when you feel unproductive as a business owner | Pinterest marketing, business marketing tips

Raise your hand if you’ve wondered how to stay consistent (in life or business) before?  Well…you’re reading this post so I assume: You’re either a wonderful friend who decided to support me and read my post (thank you), you’re feeling unproductive and you’re struggling to stay consistent or your schedule is CRAZY and you know […]

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