simplifying pinterest keywords

Pulling back the curtain on how Pinterest uses keywords to rank content on their search engine and how you can play their game to get your content in the best spot!

You know it's important to use keywords in your pin descriptions but...

Simplifying Pinterest Keywords™️ is a
mini-course designed to help you simplify the whole Pinterest ranking thing.

You're getting a behind the scenes look at how Pinterest uses keywords to rank the content on their platform.
I'm not only sharing my methods for researching and evaluating keywords but I'm also sharing how Pinterest uses keywords across their platform, how they evaluate where to place your content in the search engine, and more.

Michelle Boc
Pininsula Media


Kathryn's keyword course is the most comprehensive and in-depth keyword course out there. She gives you EVERYTHING you need to know behind how Pinterest works in terms of ranking keywords. You will learn GOLD MINE information about Pinterest and keyword research that will be a GAME CHANGER for your Pinterest marketing. Every module is full of value and information that you will not find anywhere else. You will not be disappointed with this course. I love the course and her teaching style so much that I purchased the Pinterest Gameplan course!

Sue Crites
With Sue Crites

This course takes my knowledge of Pinterest keywords to a whole different level.

I knew how to search and choose them and where to put them on Pinterest, but not only do I know how to do that even better now, I know exactly how Pinterest looks at all of that and how to use that knowledge to grow my clients' accounts even more. I also know how to help my client use the keywords I've selected on their website to work with Pinterest for better results. I have a comprehensive knowledge of Pinterest keywords now. This course covers it all and then some!

by the end of this course you'll be able to:

But more importantly, you'll have keyword confidence. Yep, you'll feel confident in your keyword research process, keyword selection, and implementation of the keywords. You'll know how to play with the search engine to get content ranked!


Simplifying Pinterest Keywords™️ is no longer available as a stand alone product. You can purchase it as part of my Pinterest Manager Essentials Bundle. For more details on the bundle, click the button below.​

here's an outline of what you'll learn in this course

The Simplifying Pinterest Keywords mini-course includes video content, templates, and written lessons that you can binge all at once or watch over a weekend.

*In the course I speak to Pinterest Managers about using this knowledge for their clients. If you're managing your OWN Pinterest account this is perfect for you as well.

→ Pinterest as a visual search engine
→ How Keywords Work on Pinterest
→ The Pinterest Feeds
→ The Role a Website Plays on Pinterest
→ Image selection for visual searches
→ Personalization is The Future of Pinterest
→ Understanding The Theory Behind Keywords

→ The Pinterest Keyword Research Process
→ Using the Keyword Master List (includes my template)
→ Identifying The Right Topics
→ How to find the right Pinterest Keywords
→ Using your website to guide your keyword research
→ Using your Pinterest keywords effectively
→ Using Pinterest Trends as a keyword search tool

→ Where to use specific keywords across Pinterest 
→ Creating Pinterest descriptions with your keywords (formulas included)
→ Using keywords in your pin designs
→ Using keywords on your website

→ Alternative keyword research options
→ How to use the limited space available for keywords
→ What to do when your targeting is off (and how to know when it is off)
→ How to leverage your keywords beyond Pinterest
→ How to know if you've chosen the right keywords
→ How to test if your keyword targeting is working
→ How to rank under the search terms you've chosen
→ Why "less is more" rings true on Pinterest
→ What To Do If Your Clients Have ZERO Keywords On Their Website

Shannon Allena
Owner of Kaitlin Grace

This course SO exceeded my expectations - a MUST for any aspiring Pinterest Manager!

This course was AMAZING!!! I had no idea all there was to know about Pinterest Keywords. There is so much more to it than just using the Pinterest search bar! After taking this course, I feel like I could really position myself as an expert on Pinterest keywords. For anyone wanting to be a Pinterest Manager or manage their own account, the SPK course is a must! And as usual, Kathryn, you went above and beyond just giving the 1-2-3 of it. You always give so much extra value with everything you teach in your courses with bonus information, additional insights, tips and things to consider that I just don't get from a lot of courses I have taken. I just cannot recommend you and your teachings enough to people. Thank you for being such an incredible mentor and resource. With you by my side, I feel more confident that I can build a thriving business as a Pinterest Manager.


Simplifying Pinterest Keywords™️ is no longer available as a stand alone product. You can purchase it as part of my Pinterest Manager Essentials Bundle. For more details on the bundle, click the button below.​


Dianne Hunt
Pinterest Manager

I just want to say that I've taken the weekend to dive into your course...

I've taken notes, actually read over, not skimmed, the PDF's, and had several "oooh now I get it" moments. Thank you so very much for taking the time to do all this. Your demeanor and delivery of the content makes it very easy to follow, understand and stay engaged.

Laura DaGrossa
Laura DaGrossa Writes

It was amazing!!!

I just watched the keyword course. I still have to implement it on the accounts, but it was amazing!!! You did so great with it! I feel like I learned so much even though I took your course - especially about the content cohesion.

Sue Crites
With Sue Crites

I pulled out my trusty SPK notebook to keep right next to me.

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate you! I had new pin titles and descriptions to write today and I pulled out my trusty SPK notebook to keep right next to me. It's time for me to go through the course again. Your content is so full that going through it several times is a must for me plus refreshers. I always find more nuggets in there. I never cease to be amazed at your knowledge and how gifted you are at teaching others. Thank you for all you do!

Lexie Kolb
Bloom Strategy

Thank you for your incredible courses!

I just wanted to pop on here and thank you for your incredible courses! I have been so discouraged with past Pinterest courses I've taken and feeling like they lacked any sort of strategy or in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of Pinterest whatsoever. I'm finishing up Simplifying Pinterest Keywords and feel SO much better about the value cam provide for my future clients. Thanks a million! Looking forward to any future programs you may release!

Zoe Bishop
Torchlight Marketing

Amazing course!

Amazing course! Learnt so much! Kathryn is a fantastic teacher. Cannot recommend highly enough if you're wanting to excel in Pinterest management.

Michelle Boc
Pininsula Media

I love how in-depth you go

I recently purchased your Simplified Keyword course and it’s been amazing! I love how in-depth you go into the entire process and that’s what I need.

Caron Douglass
Caron Leigh

Incredibly thorough

Amazing course, incredibly thorough. Kathryn has in-depth knowledge of Pinterest which she shares freely.

May Thanda K

Diving into it:

I love how you deciphered the Pinterest tech lingo for us.Your course is much more detailed than I thought it would be!


Simplifying Pinterest Keywords™️ is no longer available as a stand alone product. You can purchase it as part of my Pinterest Manager Essentials Bundle. For more details on the bundle, click the button below.​



I'm here to help you restructure parts of your business to better support your ideal life.

If you've ever felt like your business feels just as messy and unstructured as your Google drive folder (or that draw in your know the one. It has a few batteries in it, a hair elastic and it's basically the drawer where everything, that has no home, goes to live) - then you're in the right place!

Using my 5 Pillar Business Framework I can help you restructure the 5 key areas in business to help you find clarity, direction, and ease in business - which leads to exponential (and sustainable) growth.

So what are these 5 pillars exactly?
1. Your Business Strategy
2. Your Mindset
3. Your Organization/Systems Strategy
4. Your Marketing Strategy
5. Your Financial Strategy

So where does SPK (Simplifying Pinterest Keywords) fit in? SPK is here to help you expand your organization and systems strategy as a Pinterest manager and learn how to effectively get your (or your client's) work ranking properly on Pinterest.

As a seasoned Pinterest manager (and solopreneur), I felt like the more clients I had the more my business organization and strategy took a back seat to client work.
I was stuck between trying to DO the work and trying to create workflows and systems that would make doing the work easier and more efficient.

Eventually I reached a point where my business felt like my downloads folder on my computer - a tangled mess. I kept saying, "I don't have time to find a better way", even though I knew taking the time to find and create the right systems would give me more time in future and help me better serve my clients.
Over the years I've created streamlined workflows, onboarding systems, trackers and organizational methods that have helped give me my time back (and my mental space). SPK is going to help you easily track your client's (or your own) Pinterest keywords AND it's going to help you improve your client's (or your own) Pinterest marketing strategy.

Not a Pinterest manger?
Not a problem. This system is designed to help you learn how to effectively use keywords across your Pinterest account to rank in the search engine. It's going to help improve your marketing efforts and allow you to grow your traffic through Pinterest. A bonus is that you'll have an organized way to track and manage your keywords moving forward - yay for organization!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to this mini course?

You’ll get immediate access to the course’s video, written lessons and templates once you enroll. You’ll receive a welcome email and a receipt for your payment. You’ll then be sent to a thank you page that will let you get started learning immediately.

How can I get my questions answered?

Inside the program there is a Q&A form. Kathryn answers the questions weekly and places them in the FAQ lesson of the program so that every student can see the answers. *Private information is not displayed. Please review the FAQ section before asking a question as the answer may already be in there.

Do you offer refunds for this product?

Due to the digital nature of this product and that it is consumable within one day, we do not offer refunds. Please ask any questions you may have before purchasing this product to ensure it is the right fit for you.

Is this course just for Pinterest Managers?

No, this course is suitable for all business owners including Pinterest managers. The course material is geared towards Pinterest Managers and sharing how to do it for their clients. However, the content is applicable to your own business. 

How long will I have access to this mini course?

You’ll have access to the current content in Simplifying Pinterest Keywords for the lifetime of the course.

I’m new to Pinterest, can I still join the course?

If you’re tech savvy and you know where things are on Pinterest and you’re using it for your business (or your client’s business) for the first time then this course will help you understand exactly what to do when it comes to keyword research when you get started with your Pinterest account. You’ll have the confidence to know your content is showing up in front of your ideal client. 

Is this ALSO for an intermediate or advanced Pinterest user?

Yes. Every Pinterest user has a different way of researching keywords. If you’re an advanced Pinterest user and you want to learn how to simplify the process, get a behind the scenes look at how Pinterest ranks their content or use my template, then this is for you. I’ve had a number of students say they already knew how to do keyword research they just wanted to go deeper and this course did exactly that. 

If you’re an intermediate user, I’ve ensured that the lessons cover exactly how to do a Pinterest keyword research session so that you feel confident working with your (or your client’s) Pinterest profile.


Simplifying Pinterest Keywords™️ is no longer available as a stand alone product. You can purchase it as part of my Pinterest Manager Essentials Bundle. For more details on the bundle, click the button below.​