Your guide to developing your own Pinterest marketing strategy using my signature Pinterest Strategy Framework!

The Pinterest Strategy Playbook is your guide to creating your own Pinterest marketing strategy

Spending way too much time agonizing over your Pinterest strategy and wondering if you're doing it correctly to get the best results? 🤪 That ends today!!

The Pinterest Strategy Playbook is your strategy coach taking you from overthinking it all, to finally feeling confident in your Pinterest marketing strategy 🥳


Confused by all the conflicting advise out there about Pinterest marketing and what you should be doing

Overthinking every little action you take on Pinterest because you don't know if it'll actually help you achieve your goals

Overwhelmed by everything you should be doing to get targeted traffic to your website


Confident that you know the next best steps to get you the best results for your unique business

Excited that you have a clear framework you can follow to ensure you have the best strategy in place

Happy that you have clarity on YOUR Pinterest strategy and that it'll help you achieve YOUR goals

The Pinterest Strategy Guide has been really helpful for me to create my own systems! I recently saw an increase in clients and got lost into my organization to the point where I felt like I was missing something! Even if I do know most of the information, it is super helpful to get a clear step by step plan to provide a really personalized strategy to all of my clients!
Domitille Holik
Mademoiselle Social
After trying, trying and trying over and over again to get our Pinterest strategy going, we finally decided it was time to bring someone in to help us. We were overwhelmed, we didn't know where to begin and we felt that even when we did start to get ahead, we didn't know where to go from there. With Kathryn's expertise, we now have an official game plan of how to tackle our Pinterest strategy and we're SO excited to do it. Her communication, delivery and quick answers to our questions far surpassed our expectations. Thank you SO much for everything, Kathryn. You've been such a Pinterest lifesaver for our biz!
Brit Hyatt
Launch your daydream



The Pinterest Strategy Playbook is no longer available as a stand alone product. You can purchase it as part of my Pinterest Manager Essentials Bundle. For more details on the bundle, click the button below.

Kathryn Moorhouse's Pinterest Strategy Playbook is a really amazing resource! I feel confident that when applying this new knowledge and using the easy to follow step by step processes listed in this playbook, I will be delivering my Pinterest management clients with the best results possible.
Shaina Lewin


I teach Pinterest managers how to simplify their marketing strategies, use Pinterest effectively for their clients and create a profitable business that gives them the TIME freedom they've been searching for.

I know what it's like to work a job that you dread going to in the morning and finally finding a career that lights a fire within you again. Pinterest Management is that fire lighting career and as you continue to grow your Pinterest Management business I will be here serving you and helping you scale it to create the time freedom and financial freedom you've been looking for.

Simplifying your workflows, processes and Pinterest tasks will help you get back that time you dream of having with your family. Let me help you leap many steps ahead instead of starting from scratch.

Kathryn is beyond amazing! She has coached and mentored me through my business and helped me get started with Pinterest for my business. I've used her free checklist, Pinterest Playbook, and am now in her Pinterest course. SHE IS INCREDIBLE! I cannot believe how much I'm learning and how much info is jam-packed into her materials and online-course. It's well worth the money and Kathryn is an absolute joy to work with. Professional, knowledgeable, and does everything she can to help your business succeed. If you're looking for help with your Pinterest, she's the go-to gal!
Morgan de klerk
master your finances


The Pinterest Strategy Playbook is no longer available as a stand alone product. You can purchase it as part of my Pinterest Manager Essentials Bundle. For more details on the bundle, click the button below.


When will I get access to this guide?

You'll get immediate access to the Playbook once you enroll. You'll receive a welcome email and a receipt for your payment. You'll then be sent to a thank you page that will let you get started learning immediately.

Do you offer refunds for this product?

Due to the digital nature of this product and that it is consumable within one day, we do not offer refunds. Please ask any questions you may have using the contact form on my website before purchasing this product to ensure it is the right fit for you.

Is the playbook just for Pinterest VA's?

No, the Playbook material is geared towards any business owner looking to develop their own Pinterest strategy OR a Pinterest strategy for their clients/ company.

Is this for beginners or advanced Pinterest users?

The Pinterest Strategy Playbook is designed to help new and advanced Pinterest users create a Pinterest marketing strategy for their unqiue business. If you're new the action steps will help you get started, if you're advanced the action steps will refine your process and improve your strategy.

"I wanted to say thank you for the Pinterest Framework. It's SO helpful. I knew the basics of Pinterest but was honestly quite lost as to the strategy I should employ, in the sense of going about pinning in a strategic and organized way.

I had no clue how to be smart about it. I know have your framework and your amazing templates and checklists and I finally feel like the fog has lifted and I see the road clearly before me - even if I've yet to embark on it! Which is a little scary like everything out of one's comfort zone.

I would also really like to thank you for the adequate pricing of your offer. I was worried the framework would be full of fluff like many others out there but I'm truly grateful for having found my money's worth of content and information. Truly, thank you.

I've also really enjoyed reading your blog posts. I've been skimming mostly through lack of time and to get an overview of your work but will definitely keep it as a go-to source from now on."
Lisiane Walther


The Pinterest Strategy Playbook is no longer available as a stand alone product. You can purchase it as part of my Pinterest Manager Essentials Bundle. For more details on the bundle, click the button below.

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