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Collaboration is the cornerstone of business, in my opinion. We collaborate with clients, business owners and industry leaders.

My entire business has been built through collaboration with other business owners.

As I mapped out where I got my DREAM clients from, I realized that almost every single client I worked with when I was just starting out came through referrals or business collaborations.

My clients would refer me to their business friends and that lead to an influx of new clients. The business owners I collaborated with in other ways either hired me or referred me whenever they saw someone looking for Pinterest Management.

When you open yourself up to collaboration you can’t even begin to see the ripple effect it could have on your business. I’ve done Facebook Live guest appearances in other business owners Facebook Groups and now the members of those Facebook Groups refer me to their biz friends whenever anyone is looking to learn about Pinterest Marketing.

THAT IS HUGE! It’s marketing on a whole new level.

When you build connections with other business owners through collaborations your influence grows, your network grows and your reach grows. You’re also sharing what you have to offer with the world and that empowers them to easily refer you in future.

Today I wanted to give you 7 great ways to start collaborating so you can grow your business.

7 ways to collaborate to grow your Pinterest Management business by Kathryn Moorhouse. Business Collaboration tips

7 ways to collaborate to grow your business

1. Write a guest blog post for another business owner

One of the easiest ways to collaborate is to create a blog post that is robust and filled to the brim with valuable information that you can share with other business owners as a piece of content to put on their site.

You can take this one piece of content and change it up for each business owner’s audience so that it’s specific to their niche.

This automatically gives you credibility in front of that person’s audience. They are marketing that piece of content and you can get the benefit of having a new audience reach out to you.

2. Do a Facebook Live training in someone’s Facebook group on your area of expertise

This training can be short and give a lot of value by covering the basics around your area of expertise. By doing a training like this, you’re seen as the expert and you’re trusted because the group host brought YOU in.

3. Take part in a Giveaway

A giveaway is a great event to take part in when the audience invited to enter is who you’re wanting to work with. You get access to their emails in order to provide the giveaway content or the extra freebies for everyone that entered.

After you go through it, you’ll be able to confidently provide your Pinterest Management clients with an experience they’ll rave about, knowing that you’re on track with all the tasks you need to complete. Download your Ultimate Pinterest Manager checklist by filling in your details below.

4. Take part in interviews online (podcasts, Facebook live or Instagram live interviews)

Any type of interview is a wonderful way to collaborate. You get to show up alongside the host and become known as the expert in your field. You can showcase your knowledge and build trust with a brand new audience.

5. Create a workbook or mini training that can be used as a bonus in another business owner's course, program, memberhip or service

If you already have a workbook then you’re off to a great start. You should repurpose that content and give it to business owners with an audience you’re trying to attract. Provide it as a bonus to their service or course and become the trusted expert. When someone pays to join a program, membership or engage in a service they trust the person they’ve purchased from. By receiving your workbook as a bonus they immediately put you in that same bracket of trust. Building credibility before making an offer is extremely important.

6. Do a joint webinar

Joint webinars are interesting and a lot of fun when what you have to offer works well with the business owner’s offering. A joint webinar is an webinar that is hosted by two business owners, and where one of the two businesses makes an offer at the end of the webinar. Usually the offer includes both business owner’s products to make the offer even more enticing. Both business owners invite their audiences to join.

7. Take part in a Summit

Summits are wonderful because they bring together a number of experts in different industries and you’re featured alongside them. You become the expert in your field based on your topic.

A summit is like a conference in the comfort of your own home.

Bonus: Do a takeover on one of their marketing channels.

This is a fun one and can be done on ANY marketing channel. By doing the takeover you get to showcase your personality, skills and knowledge in front of their audience. You get the opportunity to serve their audience and reach new people in an organic and fun way.

If you doubt that any of these work I can tell you, from experience, that they do. I’ve had people on my email list reach out to say they saw me on a podcast or they saw me on the summit. I’ve also had clients and students tell me they found me from an appearance on someone else’s website.

It works.

The first question I usually get asked is “how do you go about getting these collaboration opportunities?”.

The best way to start looking for these opportunities is to go out there (and by that I mean venture into the online world) and connect with other business owners.

When you begin connecting with like-minded business owners, your business could see major growth in a variety of ways.

Before you collaborate with business owners you generally need to build a relationship with them and get to know them. Sometimes that isn’t the case if you’ve been referred to them by someone they trust. If they don’t know you then you’ll want to build that relationship first.

You do this by commenting on their posts online, responding to their emails if you’re on their email list, liking their posts, responding to their polls, messaging them to let them know you like what they’re sharing, meeting them at live events, attending online workshops and getting to know them, asking questions in their group or community and also answering questions that their community may have.

You begin to stand out and become someone they converse with and slowly you’ll build up to potential collaboration opportunities.

Sometimes a simple message into their inbox is all it takes to start building a connection and relationship online.

I encourage you to stay open to connecting with other business owners because they are the ones who will share your message with anyone they feel needs to hear it AND the best part is this: You’ll be building friendships with amazing people.

Which of the 7 collaboration opportunities will you work on getting involved in or 2020?

If you start now you can book a few for 2020. I’ve already booked one for 2020 and all it takes is starting now – where you are. 

Let me know in the comments what type of business collaboration suits you and your business style.

After you go through it, you’ll be able to confidently provide your Pinterest Management clients with an experience they’ll rave about, knowing that you’re on track with all the tasks you need to complete. Download your Ultimate Pinterest Manager checklist by filling in your details below.

Kathryn Moorhouse