Impactful Life

Choosing priorities

Choosing your priorities in business

Everything on my list is important. I need to focus on all of it. You may be facing the reality that it’s been weeks since you last exercised or took your vitamins. If someone told you that it must simply not be a priority in your life, your response might be defensive. Mine was. It […]

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This is your life

You only have one life to achieve your dreams. Are you living it today and living your life to the fullest in the way you want to live it?

Today is your life. This minute is your life. Look around. See it, feel it, listen to it. Life is not the desired future you’re dreaming of that I have no doubt you’ll achieve. It’s now, it’s this very moment. Are you opening your eyes to today and allowing yourself to feel every part of […]

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You’re one decision away

You’re one decision away from the life you want. You’re also one decision away from the business you want. One decision. This decision can change everything – for better or worse. It will require a lot from you or it will require very little. The decision is yours to make. What happens after you make […]

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perspective in life

Is your mindset holding you back in your business? As you start your online business, grow your small business or try scale your Pinterest management business you'll face mindset challenges that you need to overcome. Are you focusing on the positive thoughts that encourage growth? If you're struggling with marketing, business growth or finding clients the route problem is usually mindset. Let's fix that!

What CAN I do today? What have I already done today? It’s easy to focus on the things you haven’t done or haven’t achieved. Maybe you set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than normal hoping to jump start your day but you hit the snooze button. It’s easy then to frame your entire day […]

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your day to make an impact

Today is not just another day. It’s a day to make an impact. To make a change. To build the life you’ve always dreamed of. Today is a day to be inspired for what’s to come. While you may face things that are tedious and don’t fill you with joy – look at them within […]

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