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Why do some people get conversions from Pinterest and others don’t?

 It’s an interesting topic because there are so many things that affect conversions on any platform.

Here’s what we think will happen when we get started on Pinterest . . .

We create the perfect Pinterest foundation for our account.
We add content and fill our Tailwind schedule.
Then we wait to start seeing the pings from PayPal or the email list numbers soar.

If you’ve thought that, it’s totally normal to think that.
The problem though, is that there are many factors that affect conversions like your website layout, your copy, your call to actions, the ease to sign-up and more.

Have you ever walked into a store or visited an online website where everything was just a mess? They have pop ups before you’ve even read the first sentence of the blog post. they have the worst product images or displays so you can’t even see what the item looks like.

That effects their conversions.
Yes, they got the traffic to their online site or their physical store but they still have to get the sale.

When I sat down to think about the first thing I’d suggest if anyone was wondering how they could improve their conversions from Pinterest, one thing popped into my mind straight away. 

It’s the most overlooked strategy that will help you get more conversions from Pinterest.

This one strategy is identifying your ONE main goal on Pinterest.

I know it’s not this crazy amazing overnight success secret but it is the FIRST thing you should work on when trying to improve your conversions.

The strategy of identifying your main goal actually effects every single thing you do on your Pinterest account AND website.

What happens when you identify your client's one main goal on Pinterest?

You have a clear end result for the pinner.

When you identify your client’s one main goal on Pinterest, you’re able to see where the Pinterest user will end up. 

For example, if you select email list sign-ups as your main goal for Pinterest, then you know that your pinner HAS TO end up on a page where it is possible for them to sign up to your email list. If not, then you won’t be achieving that end goal.
The end goal is the conversion you’re looking for.

Here are some examples of end goals:
Email list signups
Product sales
Podcast downloads
Reading your content
Joining a free or paid group

There are many more and each one has it’s own unique end result. By focusing your effort on your one main goal you’ll be able to ensure the content shared, the pins designed, the keywords used and the web pages created all lead the pinner towards that end result. You’re able to clearly see if the end result and call to action for the pinner is clear.

You'll have a clear customer journey from Pinterest.

Now that you know where the pinner needs to end up you can look at the entire journey you’re currently sending them on, from seeing the pin under a certain search result all the way to the page they land on and the call to action they see.

Knowing your end goal means you can see if the journey you’re creating will result in that conversion or if you need to tweak any part of it.
Without that knowledge you may not see why you’re not getting the results you want. Keep the journey simple. Keep the call to action clear. Make it EASY to say yes.

You'll know exactly what content to promote on Pinterest.

This is a big one.

When you know the end goal, you can see exactly what content you should be focused on sharing more often on Pinterest. You’ll also know exactly which piece of content to promote using Pinterest Ads. 

If the content doesn’t provide the end result you’re looking for then you need to rethink what you’re sharing. Lots of content on Pinterest is great but knowing the end goal and ensuring the content takes them to that end goal in the right way means you’ll actually profit from your effort.

do you know what your client's end goal is for Pinterest?

Comment below and let me know what your end goal is AND what content you’re sharing on Pinterest.

Now that you’re spending time thinking about your client’s end goal you’ll want to make sure you’re staying on top of all the important tasks associated with managing their Pinterest account. 

I’ve created something to help you with that – The Ultimate Pinterest Manager Checklist. 

Yes I called it ultimate because it covers all the things. It will help you stay on top of your client work so you don’t loose sleep hoping you didn’t forget anything. This checklist will take you through client onboarding, account set up, monthly maintenance and more.

After you go through it, you’ll be able to confidently provide your Pinterest Management clients with an experience they’ll rave about, knowing that you’re on track with all the tasks you need to complete. Download your Ultimate Pinterest Manager checklist by filling in your details below.

Kathryn Moorhouse