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Love working with Kathryn! She is truly the expert when it comes to Pinterest marketing. I can’t stop referring her to others. She knows her stuff! Every month we are watching our followers and engagement go up. 

She’s Building Her Empire

abbey ashley

I have absolutely LOVED working with Kathryn. I went from having a blog with next to no traffic to one that brings in 25,000+ page views per month, with Pinterest as my #1 source of traffic. THANK YOU Kathryn, for making that happen!!


The Pinterest Gameplan is hands down the most comprehensive Pinterest course out there. Kathryn is incredibly knowledgeable and truly an expert in the Pinterest field. From our first conversation, I knew Kathryn was someone I wanted to work with and felt confident investing in. The Pinterest Gameplan has exceeded every expectation I had going in, and I can say with 100% confidence that investing in this course was the best decision I’ve made for my business. Not only is the course incredibly thorough in using Pinterest, but it’s also jam packed with advice from a real Pinterest expert. Kathryn has filled the course with advice and tips and tricks from her own experience, which takes the course to a whole other level.

And on top of everything, Kathryn is such a proficient and skillful teacher when it comes to Pinterest. She is so wonderfully invested in the care and success of her students and their businesses; I feel like I have a 1:1 coach most of the time!


After taking 10+ Pinterest courses, I can say with confidence that this is 100% the BEST Pinterest course I have taken. Kathryn breaks down every aspect of Pinterest and how to make the most of Pinterest. Kathryn goes above and beyond to support your Pinterest growth and answer any questions along the process. I am blown away by this course. If anyone was considering buying it, I'd tell them to 100% go for it. Kathryn knows her stuff and translates that knowledge through her program with such a high standard. I'm so grateful to have found Kathryn and continue to grow my Pinterest knowledge

MArisa vittoria

Where to even begin. I can’t sing Kathryn enough praises. After becoming a Virtual Assistant, I knew I wanted to niche down to focusing on Pinterest services for my clients. As many can attest to, learning and utilizing any new platform can be so overwhelming, as well as super frustrating. Kathryn was recommended to me and from our first interaction, I knew she was the answer I had been searching for. She is an EXPERT in this field! Her course, Pinterest for Business has transformed my understanding and utilization of Pinterest. Since applying her concepts, I have been able to grow one of my client’s sales through Pinterest by 200%. I mean, what else can one say with those types of results! I highly recommend her and look forward to working and learning from her for years to come.

Virtual Zen

Graciela Rivera

The Pinterest Gameplan™ is the most complete Pinterest course I have ever taken. Kathryn is indeed an expert and has a gift to teach giving you a solid foundation from the very beginning. I love how well structured the course is; all the tools and systems provided to simplify the way I was working on Pinterest. I have to say that Kathryn is impressive; she truly cares about her students, is very professional, and supportive. She has given me a lot of confidence now that I niched down my services to offer Pinterest Management. This course worth the investment, I highly recommend it!!

Leslie laws

Kathryn Moorhouse is THE BEST! I just recently finished her course “The Pinterest Gameplan™” and it was PERFECT! She was so detailed and organized in it, that I actually followed it step-by-step to re-vamp my existing Pinterest profile. Going from 84 reach to over 6K reach from December to now and I’m still growing it and making changes. This course was a game changer for me in so many ways. Being a Social Media Manager, I feel it is important to know all that you can about a social media platform and thanks to Kathryn, I can now say that I understand Pinterest better than I ever thought I would. So THANK YOU Kathryn! Not just for creating a course that is so detailed and easy to understand, but for making it fun and worth taking!!!

Just Sayin’ Social

Brit hyatt

After trying, trying and trying over and over again to get our Pinterest strategy going, we finally decided it was time to bring someone in to help us. We were overwhelmed, we didn't know where to begin and we felt that even when we did start to get ahead, we didn't know where to go from there. With Kathryn's expertise, we now have an official game plan of how to tackle our Pinterest strategy and we're SO excited to do it. Her communication, delivery and quick answers to our questions far surpassed our expectations. Thank you SO much for everything, Kathryn. You've been such a Pinterest lifesaver for our biz!


The ongoing support from Kathryn that’s included in the course is worth its weight in gold! If you’re a Pinterest Manager and aren’t sure if this course will work for you, let me put your mind at ease. I thought I knew how to use Pinterest for my business...until I took this course! Kathryn teaches not only the basics of using Pinterest, but the strategy behind using it well. This is something that no other Pinterest course out there offers and is exactly what sets this course apart from the rest. Many people and courses try to teach using Pinterest; Kathryn will teach you how to create a bulletproof strategy to use Pinterest well. I promise it’s worth the investment for you and your business!

morgan de klerk

Kathryn is beyond amazing! She has coached and mentored me through my business and helped me get started with Pinterest for my business. I've used her free checklist, Pinterest Playbook, and am now in her Pinterest course. SHE IS INCREDIBLE! I cannot believe how much I'm learning and how much info is jam-packed into her materials and online-course. It's well worth the money and Kathryn is an absolute joy to work with. Professional, knowledgeable, and does everything she can to help your business succeed. If you're looking for help with your Pinterest, she's the go-to gal!

kelsey christine

I don't even know where to begin. Working with Kathryn was AMAZING!! One of our biz goals for 2018 was to get help with Pinterest. We knew we wanted an audit of our account as well as a strategy plan for moving forward. We posted in a group for recommendations and got TONS of responses. After much deliberation and research, we chose Kathryn because we love that she is 100% ALL about Pinterest. It's clear that she knows what she's doing. Anyways, we booked and answered a few questions for her before she jumped into our audit. We received a video from her about a week later with a TWO HOUR audit of our account. We were blown away to say the least. Kathryn went into so much detail and rather than just telling us what to do, she explained WHY. (This is SO important!!) She went above and beyond with every deliverable for us. After the audit, we hopped on a video call with her to talk strategy. Again, blown away. Not to mention, Kathryn is just so sweet and inviting. She is truly a joy to work with and she is SO smart! I would recommend hiring her a million times over! If you've been considering it, DO IT!!! 🙂


I am still going through Kathryn's signature course and I simply love it! She makes everything extremely clear and she is impressively knowledgeable for everything Pinterest-related. She always knows what it going on with the platform and can reassure us every time the Pinterest updates cause small bugs. It is also fantastic to do just a little at a time and see the long-term results accumulate!

monica banks

Kathryn is a top notch Pinterest marketing professional. I have been so impressed by her superior organization, planning and creative skills. She grew our Pinterest account's followers and engagement tremendously in a short time. Kathryn always brings unique and great ideas to the table in terms of new strategies and content that will further increase our social footprint. She not only has an in-depth knowledge of Pinterest but of creative content that will get engagement, as well as scheduling and more. I highly recommend Kathryn for anyone interested in Pinterest marketing for their brand.

jennifer dene

From my first Skype call with Kathryn, I knew I was in great hands. She showed a real interest in my goals as a new entrepreneur, and took the time to understand my business philosophy, my brand, my ideal client and my competitors. In a matter of weeks Kathryn had tripled my Pinterest following, beautified my boards, and showed me how I could use Pinterest as a tool for generating leads and sales. Since working together, Pinterest has become a top source of traffic to my website, and generates the most qualified leads across all the social platforms that I use. Kathryn made the process simple, fun and seamless. If you're ready to up-level your marketing, boost your online presence and get clients, then Kathryn is your gal!


It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that in order to succeed as a creative blogger and artist, I will have to market myself. I quickly got the hang of the visual and personable Instagram, but Pinterest was a platform I couldn't wrap my mind around. Kathryn has really opened my eyes to the new potential Pinterest brings to my blog and business! She took the foreign concept of Pinterest and broke it down for me in simple steps, taking away my feelings of intimidation and frustration. I have slowly been implementing the changes and strategies Kathryn has suggested, and as a result I have noticed growth and am feeling much more confident about my social presence on Pinterest.


Kathryn has totally amped up our social media presence and increased our reach so quickly and so effectively over the past six months. She's super intelligent and takes the initiative to build an engaged and excited following. Hire her now!


Kathryn has reenergized my Pinterest account and created a consistent brand experience for my followers. I love that all of my Pins have a brand look that people will recognize. It escalates my brand and products. Additionally, Kathryn understands the importance of helping her clients grow their business as they utilize Pinterest to increase website visitors. I highly recommend Kathryn to small business owners who are looking to leverage Pinterest to grow their followers and client leads. She has been able to turn my ideas and content into branded pins and board that will generate perpetual website visitors. Working with a Kathryn has been one of my best investments this year.


Kathryn blew my mind with how much amazing Pinterest knowledge she could cram into an hour. It was obvious that she had prepared items to discuss that specifically related to my brand, not just canned strategies that would work for anyone. I always knew I wasn't leveraging Pinterest the way that I could, but I had no idea the power it had as a marketing platform. She explained everything in terms that were easily understandable and made it all feel very doable. She not only explained the big picture whys and hows of Pinterest, but gave me easy step-by-step instructions on exactly how to implement her strategies. She gave me lots of homework, but I am so grateful to have found her.


While I was smitten with Instagram, I simply could not make sense of Pinterest. After chatting with Kathryn for just an hour, it all clicked. She helped me wade through my disorganized boards and showed me simple steps that could be implemented right away to make huge differences. She made Pinterest not only make sense but now I'm excited to have another viable source to use for my business growth.


Before hiring Kathryn I did not have a Pinterest strategy. I was subscribed to Tailwind but did not know how to fully implement into my routine. I reached out to Kathryn to help me gain Pinterest followers. Through working with Kathryn, not only have my Pinterest followers exploded but she has implemented a complete brand makeover of my Pinterest boards. Kathryn has reenergized my Pinterest account and created a consistent brand experience for my followers. I love that all of my Pins have a brand look that people will recognize. It escalates my brand and products. Kathryn has also helped me run ads to product pins. Additionally, Kathryn understands the importance of helping her clients grow their business as they utilize Pinterest to increase website visitors. Kathryn completed a full review of the Opt-Ins on my website. She provided suggestions, areas of opportunities and ideas to better utilize Opt In on my website to turn visitors into email subscribers. I highly recommend Kathryn to small business owners who are looking to leverage Pinterest to grow their followers and client leads. She has been able to turn my ideas and content into branded pins and board that will generate perpetual website visitors. Working with a Kathryn has been one of my best investments this year.


Kathryn helped turn my rarely touched Pinterest profile into a branded platform with over 500 followers and 100k monthly views. And it’s growing everyday! Plus, Kathryn developed a strategy for my specific business needs. I highly recommend hiring Kathryn for your Pinterest marketing, she will save you so much time and money trying to figure it out yourself!


If you know your business can benefit from Pinterest, Kathryn the go-to expert you want to hire. Your account will go from sleeping to thriving when you hand her the keys! Let's be realistic: As entrepreneurs, we're all trying to create more space and/or time in our schedules. At some point, if you know a social media platform is good for your business, yet you know your heart and schedule just aren't into it... it's time to outsource. When it comes to creating an active, engaged presence on Pinterest, Kathryn is the best! You set up an initial phone call to discuss your goals, go over strategy, and then sit back as she works her magic. Kathryn keeps in touch to let you know how things are going and her monthly reports are excellent for helping you craft better blog content that will perform well on Pinterest. This input and feedback has been invaluable. Kathryn is knowledgable, dependable, trustworthy, and works hard to ensure your goals are met and you are happy with your Pinterest performance. These are all important elements to consider when outsourcing.
Zoe Bishop
Torchlight Marketing

The only Pinterest course you'll ever need

This course was fantastic and covered everything to help you understand how to use Pinterest practically, Pinterest Marketing Strategies together with additional insight in to running your business successfully. Really good pace, you can dive in when ever you want and Kathryn always adds updates when necessary. As well as the video training which is excellent, you also get access to weekly coaching calls and a group page on FB! Kathryn is also always happy to help when you have specif Pinterest queries. I have learnt so much from her and this course. Highly recommend.

Shannon Allena
Kaitlin Grace Marketing

Most Comprehensive Pinterest Course & Best Coaching Support!

Kathryn's course is the 3rd Pinterest course I have taken, and it is by far the most comprehensive. What I really love about this course is that she starts with a top-down approach and covers the strategy of using Pinterest for marketing, how Pinterest works and the logic behind the implementation. Knowing the big picture of how Pinterest works as a marketing tool is so important to using it to grow a business. From there, Kathryn covers the implementation aspects like keyword research, optimizing profiles, creating boards, pin creation, scheduling and analytics. Kathryn's course also touches on overall business principles for building a business including things like sales funnels, which is another part of the Pinterest Gameplan that I love that I have not seen in other courses. Lastly, you won't find a better teacher, coach or mentor to help you learn the ins and outs of Pinterest and how to manage a Pinterest account than Kathryn.