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Pricing your Pinterest Managements services is not a once-off project. 🤓

It’s an ongoing project that requires your attention every year. Yep, every year.
You want to raise those prices and grow right?

I’ve seen talented Pinterest managers sit on the sidelines never offering their packages or services because they weren’t sure their pricing was “right”. 

Here’s the hard truth: Your pricing is never “right” it’s fluid. That means it’ll change as you improve your skill set, take on more clients and grow your business. 

Pricing that is “done and seen” by your ideal client is better than “perfect and never seen”. Why? Because you can adjust your prices whenever you need to. 🙌🏼

That means if you’ve realized your price didn’t take into account the extra time it took to complete a task then you can adjust your prices and present those new prices to new leads and slowly introduce the new pricing structure to your existing clients.

Don’t be afraid to set your Pinterest management rates and start offering them to your leads. You CAN always change them.

I want to challenge you to do the work below, set your pricing and comment “DONE” when you’ve completed it. Then let me know how many people you’ll reach out to this week to share it with.

🏆 Will you take on this challenge today? 🏆

hourly rates vs fixed price package

There are 2 main types of pricing options you could use from.

Hourly rate pricing or fixed price packages.

This is a personal choice. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages so you need to decide which one you’d prefer to offer.

Again, you can change it down the line (I know I sound like a broken record but it’s true). 

When I first got started offering Pinterest Management services I put together hourly rate service offerings. A few months in I switched to a fixed price package.

Your first step in pricing your services is to decide which option would work for your unique situation.

pricing for different package types

Before you can price your package, you need to identify which services you’ll be offering.

Will you be offering ongoing Pinterest Management, once-off account clean ups, initial account setups, account audits or all of the above?

Then you also need to choose if you’ll be creating tiers within your service offering. A tier system for ongoing Pinterest Management could look like this:
1. A lower priced package with fewer pins being shared
2. A medium sized package at a higher rate
3. Your all-inclusive package that is at a premium rate

If you choose to create tiers, each tier has a different price so you’ll need to keep that in mind when pricing your services. 

✋ Before we dive into pricing and numbers I want to share a great resource I created for you.

The Ultimate Pinterest Manager Checklist. Yes I called it ultimate because it covers all the things. It will help you stay on top of your client work so you don’t loose sleep hoping you didn’t forget anything. This checklist will take you through client onboarding, account set up, monthly maintenance and more.

After you go through it, you’ll be able to confidently provide your Pinterest Management clients with an experience they’ll rave about, knowing that you’re on track with all the tasks you need to complete.

Okay, let’s get back to the numbers! 🔢

how to price your pinterest management services

1. how much money do you need to take home?

You have personal expenses at home and bills to pay which means you need to take home enough to cover those bills. 

Write down all of your personal expenses and get your total. This can include savings, debt repayment and general living expenses.

Now you have the exact figure you need to actually take home each month as your base salary. 

In our example, let’s assume your take home salary needs to be $3000 per month. 

2. what is your tax rate?

As a Pinterest Manager you’re considered an independent contractor and you’ll need to set aside money each month to pay your taxes. 

Everyone has a different tax rate based on their location and their income bracket. Identify your tax rate now or consult a professional tax consultant to figure out your tax rate.

In our example, we’ll assume a tax rate of 30%.

3. what are your business expenses?

This is often one of the most forgotten categories and if you don’t prepare for it you’ll see that take home pay decrease and we don’t want that to happen.

Thankfully, certain business expenses are considered deductibles for tax. Speak to a tax consultant in your area to identify if any of your business expenses are deductible. This can help you pay less tax.   

Here are some business expenses that may apply to you and could be considered deductibles for tax:

• Education expenses, including enrollment in one of my courses.
• Website Hosting & Website Fees
• Computer Purchase & Accessories
• Software (Tailwind, Planoly, Asana, Canva, Convertkit etc.)
• Lights, water and electricity
• Office equipment
• Professional Consulting Expenses

In our example, we’ll assume business expenses amount to $500 per month.

4. Hour many hours do you have available for client work?

If you’re getting started as a Pinterest Manager you may still be working a 9-5 job, you may have kids at home to care for or you may have full time hours available. You are the only one that will know how much time you actually have available for your business.

Every week you need to set aside 5 hours (if you have full time hours available) or 2.5 hours (if you have part time hours available) for marketing and working on your Pinterest Management business. 

Then you also need to set aside client work time. This is time that is dedicated to providing your Pinterest service. 


In our example, let’s assume we have 35 hours per week for client work and 5 hours per week for marketing our business. 

That is 140 hours per month (36hr x 4 weeks) for client work and
20 hours (5hr x 4 weeks) per month marketing our business.

5. How many clients would you like to take on?

You may already have a set number of clients you know you could handle each month.

If not, think about the time you have available for client work. Then consider the time it takes to deliver your Pinterest service. 

Using those 2 figures you can identify how many clients you could take on.

In our example, we’ll assume the 140 hours per month from above and that it takes 15 hours per month to deliver our Pinterest service.

We can therefore only take on roughly 9 clients per month.


140 HOURS/ 15 HOURS = 9.33 CLIENTS

6. how much do you need to save as profit each month?

Another factor that is often forgotten is profit. It’s left off because we just want to get started, get clients and start building our business. We’ll think about profit later. 

Profit means growth.
When determining your profit you can start by identifying the areas you’d like to invest in your business in future or the buffer you need for any months that are slower in sales.

We’ll assume a $500 for this example.

working out your Pinterest Management Prices

Using our example, here is the summary of everything we’ve worked out:

Take home pay: $3000
Business Expenses: $500
Profit: $500

Tax Rate: 30%
Client Work Hours: 140 hours
Clients: 9 

(ake home pay + Business expenses + profit) x 1.30 = total income needed

That is the basic formula you want to use to identify the total revenue you need.
The 1.30 showcased above and below is how we’d add tax.

If your tax rate is 27% then you’d simplify multiply by 1.27 instead of 1.30

Here is our total income needed:

($3000 + $500 + $500) x 1.30 = $5200


Now you know you need to generate $5200 in revenue to take home $3000, pay your tax, pay your business expenses and save your profit.


Let’s use this information to identify the package rate and the hourly rate for this example:


Hourly Rate: $5200/ 140 hours = $37 per hour

Package: $5200/ 9 clients = $578 per month


 The great thing about working out your pricing by looking at the facts for your unique situation, is you’re able to get a clear picture on THE MINIMUM you need to charge for your services.


This is not the maximum you could charge, this is the minimum to charge in order to cover all of your expenses. 

what happens when you have tiered packages and different services?

When pricing your package at different tiers or offering different services you’ll want to use your hourly rate identified above and multiply that by the number of hours it takes to deliver that service.

This will indicate the MINIMUM you should charge for your service or package. You can charge more as the variables change. If you’d like to increase savings, work fewer hours or invest in a program you can alter the variables to find the minimum pricing that would cover that.

Account Audit:
Estimated time – 3 hours
Pricing: $37 x 3hrs = $111 (minimum to charge)

Pinterest Account Clean-Up:
Estimated time – 10 hours
Pricing: $37 x 10hrs = $370 (minimum to charge)

Pinterest Account Management:
Estimated time – 20 hours
Pricing: $37 x 20hrs = $740 (minimum to charge)


These are just examples, your numbers will look very different based on your unique situation. 

I want you to follow the process above to find out what your package rate would be based on client numbers OR your hourly rate based on time available. Use this to develop your service pricing.

what happens if my pricing is super high?

What is super high?

That’s the first question I’d ask you.
There are businesses willing to pay thousands of dollars to get results and grow your audience. 

You need to ask yourself, will the ideal client I’m attracting pay that?

If you’re unsure, don’t assume!
Start by looking around to see what other Pinterest Managers attracting the same client are charging. Then you’ll want to arrange a call (or email chat) with people who are your ideal client and get their feedback on your pricing. 

If your ideal clients are happy with that pricing then work on your mindset.
If your ideal clients won’t pay that, find out what their price range would be by speaking to them – yes, reach out and ask questions. If you realize you need to adjust your pricing then you need to look at your service offering and see how you could simplify it by reducing or removing unnecessary things so you can reduce the time it takes to complete the service and therefore, take on more clients.

If you can’t change the service offering then you should do is look at your business expenses and be honest with yourself. Can you cut anything on that list? Is it really necessary or is it not needed right now. By reducing your expenses for business, you’ll see the formula above produce a different revenue goal and that will change the pricing for your package.

how do you currently price your services?

Have questions about your pricing? 
Leave a comment below and let me know what your questions are. 

P.S. Don’t forget to download your Ultimate Pinterest Manager Checklist.

The Ultimate Pinterest Manager Checklist will help you stay on top of your client work so you don’t loose sleep hoping you didn’t forget anything. This checklist will take you through client onboarding, account set up, monthly maintenance and more.

After you go through it, you’ll be able to confidently provide your Pinterest Management clients with an experience they’ll rave about, knowing that you’re on track with all the tasks you need to complete.

Kathryn Moorhouse