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I will take action today because the difference between achieving my dreams or staying stuck is simply taking action. - Kathryn Moorhouse

Where it all started

The thought of a career and sticking to one thing forever scared me – sweaty palms and sleepless nights type of scared. I’d spent most of my childhood trying new things, constantly signing up for new activities and exploring new places. I enjoyed the challenge of trying something new and doing things I enjoyed. After graduating with a Degree in Business Management and a Post Grad in Marketing, I explored a variety of jobs and was encouraged by my family to start my own business doing something I love.

Zoey & Logan

After about 8 months of working on the business ideas I had while working as an Au Pair, I launched Zoey & Logan. It was a handmade kids and baby apparel store. At the same time I also launched Noteworthy Girl, a lifestyle blog and home decor store. I spent months learning everything I could about website design, product creation, shipping, marketing and 10 thousand other things. It was a joy to work on these two passion based businesses. It was also a challenge as a first time business owner.

online marketing

Connecting with other business owners is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself and your business. I’m proof of that. A connection made while running Zoey & Logan led me into the world of Social Media Marketing. I started out managing Social Media platforms for entrepreneurs in a variety of industries and thanks to connection and relationship building I was booked out within a few months, niching down to Pinterest marketing within 6 months and becoming the go-to Pinterest strategist for high performing entrepreneurs and brands.


Since then I’ve been asked hundreds of times how to use Pinterest for business. Which is when I started teaching everything I’d learnt. All the marketing strategies I’d studied, everything I’d learnt from trial and error and all the strategies I’d learnt from countless hours working on Pinterest accounts for other businesses.

Finally it all became clear. I love teaching, I love inspiring, I love equipping business owners and I love helping people.


On this journey I’ve met countless entrepreneurs with a dream and it’s been a blessing to mentor them. It’s such a joy to know that I’ve helped people quit their jobs and create successful and sustainable businesses online. Now every day I wake up and do my best to help other people, teach business owners how to market their businesses effectively online and inspire them to do more than they imagined.


The biggest struggle we face as business owners is staying motivated, encouraged and focused. Mindset plays a huge role in how we run our business, which is why I’m spending more time motivating and inspiring entrepreneurs because I believe it’s the true key to success in business and life. Creating the business and life you’ve been dreaming of IS possible. I’m here to show you how, motivate you along the way and encourage you through the highs and the lows.

Pinterest Manager Courses

A bundle of essential courses, templates and guides to take your Pinterest management business and service offering to the next level.​
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