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Increase your visibility. 👀

Get more people consuming your content. 📱

Make more sales 💰

Get raving social proof to make more sales 📣

Easier said than done, right?! 

It’s a pretty clear path to making sales but soon after getting started you end up:

✔️ overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work it takes to show up everywhere, every day and still create your main content and products to sell.

✔️ spending time trying to create the perfect feed but you have no idea what to share with your audience that will get them to buy your stuff

✔️ in a negative mindspace comparing yourself to other business owners

 Have you ever felt this way? 🙋‍♀️

I’ve felt this way a few times in my business and every single time it’s because I’m stretched too thin. I’m trying to be omnipresent without really leaning into my strengths and my message.

I have to keep reminding myself to focus on my strengths first and then develop the other areas.

As I’ve tried to increase my visibility I’ve been pulled in so many different directions.

Create a blog, do a vlog, create videos for YouTube, host a podcast, do Facebook ads, Pinterest Ads, all the ads and all the things. 😫

There are so many options and you and I could do them all.
Thankfully you don’t have to.


When I first started my business it was hyper focus that filled my calendar with clients. When I niched down my service offering it was hyper focus that filled my calendar with dreamies once again. When I launched my course the first time it was hyper focus that filled my student slots. When I turned it evergreen it was a lack of hyper focus that made it flop.

Yep. I noticed the trend and I realized it was because I became hyper focused on my strengths and the 2 marketing platforms I could use to get my message across to my audience.

You may already have one marketing channel working perfectly for you and you want to expand into new areas for increased visibility.
Or…you may be feeling pulled in 1000 directions, working hard but not seeing any real progress.

Either way, you need to focus on your strengths and the one platform that leverages those strengths.

How do you start increasing your visibility and make sure you don't end up in that negative spiral?

The first step is to get super clear on your strengths and what comes naturally to you. It’s hard to work on your visibility when you’re doing things that don’t fall within your strengths.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and learn new skills but if you’re not already mastering the strengths you have – start there!

1. Identify what type of engagement comes naturally to you.

Before you follow someone’s advice and start a new (insert any marketing channel) account to make sales you need to identify what type of engagement comes naturally to you.

Do you enjoy writing, recording videos, having conversations over interviews, meeting people in real life or doing audio interviews?

Are you the kind of person that can spark new conversations with complete strangers while in line at the post office?

Are you the kind of person that prefers to never speak to a sales person in store so you prefer shopping online and sending them emails to ask questions?

Your natural ways of engaging with people will give you insight into the ways you prefer to communicate and share information with others. 

When you figure out what type of engagement (or method of communication) comes naturally to you, lean into it. That is where you start. 


Because when you begin by leveraging your strengths you move mountains in terms of visibility. 

– It’s easier
– You’re more likely to stick with it
– You enjoy it more
– It doesn’t drain you

This means you’ll show up more often in a way that fires you up and your audience will notice. You will connect and share your offers with ease because you’re not trying to force yourself to show up. 

When you start with your strengths it won’t feel like you’re running upstream against the current. 

If you’re thinking, “I’m already doing the engagement type that comes naturally to me and I need more visibility” then I want to ask you, “have you truly gone ALL IN”. Have you been doing it half heartedly or have you perfected that engagement medium? 

Because here’s the truth…

You could become booked out, sell enough spots in your program, sell enough products and book enough sponsorships by going all in on one channel using one engagement medium. There are millions of people on each marketing channel and people consume content in all forms. The idea that the grass is greener on a different platform and in a different engagement medium is keeping you stuck.

Focus on your strength.
Go all in.
Become booked out from it.
Then add the next medium.


Action Item: List 1 or 2 types of engagements that come naturally to you (e.g. blog post writing, mini-post writing, video, audio etc.)

You’ll start by focusing on the first one that you know you’ll be able to stick to every single day. Once you’ve leverage it fully, then you can add the second type of engagement to your marketing toolkit.


Next I want you to identify what type of platform you’ll use to tap into your strengths and increase your visibility.

2. What platform works well with your natural engagement strengths?

If writing is something you enjoy you have multiple options available to you:
– Blogging and sharing it to Pinterest
– Blog Style Social Media Posts on Instagram
– Blog Style Social Media Posts on Facebook
– Blog Style Social Media Posts on LinkedIn
and a whole lot more.

If being on video and being able to talk to people “face to online world” is your strength then here are some great options for you:
– Vlog + Pinterest
– Vlog + YouTube
– Facebook Live + Stories
– Instagram IGTV + Stories
and so much more.

What you’re trying to do is find the marketing platform that is designed specifically for your engagement medium. 

YouTube is NOT designed for writers. It’s designed for video creators. 
Pinterest is a search engine and can send traffic to written content, audio and video content – this makes it one of the best platforms for content creators.

If you’re struggling with ideas for what platform and method you could use to increase your visibility with your strengths, comment below with your answer to point 1 and let’s brainstorm the right method for you.


Action Item: List the platform that would work well with your strength and that you feel the most confident using.

If you already have one that’s performing well and you’re looking to expand, follow this same process to find the next platform that will leverage your natural strengths.

In order to increase your visibility as a content creator, you need to commit to the engagement medium you’ll focus on, the platform you’ll use to promote that content and learning how to use it to it’s fullest. 

The most common thing I hear from content creators is that they’re great at creating their content but they’re struggling to get it seen. 

When you commit to choosing the right platform and showing up on it every day and leveraging it in the way it likes to be used, your visibility will grow. 

 Once you have that outlined, identify your end goal for your content so you know exactly what you need your ideal customer to do as they engage with you.

If at this point you’ve decided that Pinterest is a platform that works well with your strengths, then I’ve got just the thing that’ll help you get started using Pinterest effectively as a content creator. I created the free Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Checklist to help you take the right action steps. 

After you go through it, you’ll have a fully setup, search engine optimized Pinterest account AND you’ll know exactly what things to do every week to keep Pinterest sending you targeted traffic. 

The ultimate Pinterest marketing checklist for content creators - get started using Pinterest for business

 3. Identify what action you want your leads to take once they engage with you.

If you want them to hop on a sales call with you, then list that as your goal.
If you want them to sign up for your email list, then list that as your goal.

If you don’t know your goal, then you won’t know where to direct the conversation.

Remember, working on your visibility isn’t just about getting followers, it’s about showing up in front of your ideal client and getting them to say yes to your goal. 

Often times you won’t hear a business owner struggling with visibility if they’re fully booked. Why? because they are making money and they feel like they’re doing everything right. If you’re not fully booked or making the money you want, that’s when you start asking yourself if your marketing needs work.

Here are some things to consider when increasing your visibility:

1. Does each piece of content you create lead to a specific service, product or sale?

2. Have you added a clear call to action in every piece of content you’ve created?

3. Are you clearly showing what your ideal client’s next step is?

4. Are you using your content to help them make the decision to work with you?

Once you know your end goal (email sign ups, product sales, sales call bookings etc.) you can easily check to see if your content that you’re sharing on your platform of choice is ticking all the boxes above.


Action Item: List the main goal you’re working towards and check to see that the content you’re sharing is leading your audience to that point.



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4. identify the workflow you'll follow to show up every day using the engagement medium & platform to achieve your goal

Now that you have your engagement medium, your platform and your goal you need to outline EXACTLY what workflow you’re going to follow every day to show up in front of your ideal audience and BECOME VISIBLE.

A workflow is simply a streamlined process of the most important tasks you need to complete to achieve a specific result. 

If you’re choosing to use Pinterest as your marketing channel then downloading my free Ultimate Pinterest Marketing checklist will give you that exact workflow. 

If you’re using Instagram and you’re going to be doing a lot of writing because that’s your jam, then you need to decide how many times a day you’ll post, what you’re going to post and what call to action you’ll use for each post. 


Action Item: Outline the workflow you’ll follow for your medium, platform and goal.

5. Commit to following through for 30 days

The biggest challenge you’re facing with visibility is likely committing to showing up every day.

Each platform requires a unique strategy.

Identify your medium like writing, your platform like Instagram, your goal like client bookings and show up every day in all the ways Instagram wants you to show up. Text based stories, image posts with mini blog posts written, short written posts that spark engagement, requests to have a conversation in direct messenger, to name a few options.


Action Item: Put it in your calendar and commit to doing it for 30 days. Once it becomes a habit you’ll find it even easier to do.

what is your medium, platform and goal for 2020?

Kathryn Moorhouse