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I recently shared the first steps you need to take to increase your visibility as a content creator. If you’ve read it and worked through the action steps you should have the following already decided:

– Your engagement medium
(the engagement medium that works with your strengths like writing, video creation, audio, face-to-face conversation etc.)

– Your platform of choice
(the platform that is designed for your engagement medium like blogging as the platform for writers, YouTube as the platform for video creators etc.)

– Your Goals
(what is the next step you want your audience to take in order to achieve your main goal like a sale or email sign up and is the content you’re putting out making that next step clear)


Today I’m going to share how you can tap into someone else’s pre-existing audience to 3x your visibility without being “everywhere” and instead focusing on your unique strengths and your platform of choice. 

How do you grow your business visibility as a content creator or Pinterest manager? By tapping into someone else's pre-existing audience.

How to tap into someone else's pre-existing audience to 3x your visibility

There are multiple marketing channels to choose from when it comes to marketing your online business. 

Instead of spreading yourself thin trying to be on every single Social Media channel and implementing every marketing strategy possible (while still providing your services or delivering your products) you can focus on YOUR strengths by choosing the engagement medium and platform that works FOR YOU.

But what happens if we stick to using one platform and we don’t reach our ideal clients on other platforms?

Cue the spreading yourself too thin by trying to be everywhere and the ridiculous overwhelm and sleepless nights stressing. 😞

My favourite solution to this problem is to tap into someone else’s pre-existing audience on that platform and offer amazing value that makes their audience want to work with you. 

One of the best ways to market your business and grow your visibility is by tapping into someone else’s audience on a variety of platforms. 

You don’t need to be using that platform to tap into their audience and you immediately engage with a trusting audience.

How do you go about doing this and what are the benefits? Get the A to this Q below 👇

1. Identify business owners connected with your ideal clients

The first step is to identify other business owners in your industry, your ideal client’s industry or complimentary industries that have an audience or community filled with your ideal clients.

It’s easy to find business owners that have an audience. To find a business owner that has an audience filled with YOUR ideal clients though is the key to ensuring your visibility actually leads to your end goal. 

You may already know business owners that have an audience on a variety of marketing channels, if not you can visit the different marketing channels and starting searching for the industry they’d be in or their potential business title to find their profiles.

Action Item: List 10 business owners that have communities that include your ideal client

2. Identify the engagement medium and platforms they use

Once you’ve identified a few business owners, you need to look at how they connect with their audience and if that aligns with your strengths in terms of your engagement medium.
Last week we got super clear on your strengths and what comes naturally to you. It’s hard to work on your visibility when you’re doing things that don’t fall within your strengths.

You need to identify their engagement mediums.
Do they do a lot of video, in person workshops, writing or audio work?

Next identify the platforms they’re using.
Do they have a blog, email list, podcast, Facebook group, YouTube channel etc.?

Action Item: List the engagement medium they use and the platforms they use with their audience.

3. Match your strengths

From the list of engagement mediums they use, select the one that matches with what you identified last week as your biggest strength.

Then from the list of platforms they use, select the one that matches with what you identified last week as your platforms of choice [OR SELECT AN ALTERNATIVE PLATFORM THAT YOU’RE NOT USING BUT WANT TO GAIN VISIBILITY ON].

You can wow their audience, when you tap into your strengths and show up to give them value in a way that comes naturally to you. So it’s important to match your choices from last week with the way the business owner connects with their audience.

You may find that your match looks like this:

Medium: Writing
Platform: Blogging

Medium: Writing
Platform: Email Marketing


Medium: Live Video
Platform: Facebook Lives, Instagram IGTV, YouTube Lives

Medium: Live Video
Platform: Live Training in Zoom

Action Item: List the business owners that have an engagement medium that match your list from last week.

4. Narrow down the ways you could collaborate

Now that you know exactly what medium and platforms match, it’s time to figure out how you could provide value to their audience through your medium of choice and the platforms of choice.

If writing is your strength and the business owner has a blog, an email newsletter, freebies, courses or digital products then you could:


1. Write a guest post

2. Do an email newsletter takeover

3. Create a freebie for their audience

4. Create a free text based guide to be used as a bonus in their course

5. Be part of a free email challenge

6. Write a Social Post (LinkedIn Article, Facebook Post series, etc.)

7. Become a Podcast guest


Those are a few ways to identify how you could collaborate with the business owner using YOUR engagement medium and THEIR platform’s method of communication – all of which match your strengths.

Action Item: List the ways you could give value to their audience using the engagement medium of your choice.

I have created and given freebies to many business owners over the years and a number of my students have found  me because of those freebies and Pinterest trainings.

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5. Get involved in their community

Before you can reach out to them an offer to give their community loads of value, you want to build trust so they say YES YES YES!

Start by joining their newsletter, community and follow them on social media. Engage with their content and start replying to their emails. You want to start building a connection and relationship with the business owner so they know who you are and what you do.

From your list of business owners you want to reach out to, choose how you’ll engage with them over the next few weeks to build a relationship with them. You don’t have to wait TOO long before you reach out. You really just want to make sure they know who you are and see that you care about their community.

 Action Item: Choose 3 ways you’ll engage with them this week.  

6. Reach out to your 10 business owners

Now that you’re enaging with their content and they’re starting to see you in their inbox and in their group, reach out and let them know that you’d love to collaborate and give their audience immense value.

At this stage you want to make sure you are very clear how you can help their audience. You want to let them know that you’ve been in their community for a bit now and you think their audience would love access to this info and you’d love to give it to them for free.

If you’ve enaged with them often they will already know who you are and what you do, so they’ll trust your knowledge and what you have to share.

The key to them saying yes is making sure they know who you are and really getting involved in their business community.

Action Item: Send out a message to each business owner to start the conversation about what you can share with their audience.

7. Repeat this process

You may not get a yes with every person that you reach out to but the more you get used to this process the more you’ll have people asking you to come and do a training in their group or share something with their audience.

The reason we’re being so proactive and reaching out to business owners, instead of waiting for them come to us, is because we want to make sure we’re getting involved in the way that leans toward our strengths.

If you leave it up to others they will dictate how you collaborate. If you reach out and suggest the way that fits with your strength AND it matches how they engage with their audience then you’re going to find it a lot easier to manage.

 Action Item: Whenever you find a new business owner that would be perfect to collaborate with start this process again.

Once you get a yes you want to create something jam packed with value that will get them saying YES to working with you. This is where your GOAL comes into play. You need to make sure the value you provide their audience leads into the sales funnel journey that finishes with your end goal.

If you want to get client’s on a sales call for example, then you need to make sure that is the clear next step. Make sure you have a clear CALL TO ACTION.


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There are other benefits to showing up in front of someone else's audience:

1. The community trusts you because the host brought you in

2. You’re positioned as the expert

3. They’ll be able to refer you even if they haven’t worked with you

4. If they’re looking to hire out Pinterest Management they’ll ask YOU first because of the trust that was built up

5. If they’re looking to purchase a product you offer, they’ll come to YOU first because they know you offer it


Now you’re not waiting for clients or customers to reach out to you.

You’re actively tapping into someone else’s audience to increase your visibility and become known as the expert in your service offering.

One training in a Facebook group got me 3 clients.
Imagine what could happen if you followed these steps and showed up in front of 10 people’s audiences?

Not only is this a great way to increase your visibility but it’s also a great way to generate credibility, book clients, get access to other collaborations and grow your network.

How are you going to tap into someone else's audience this year?

Kathryn Moorhouse