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I had NO idea what tools or resources I needed when I got started as a Pinterest manager but I knew I’d learn everything I needed to along the way. If you’re wondering what tools you need as a Pinterest Manager then keep reading…it’s a lot less complicated than you think.


If you told me 10 years ago that I’d be educating and mentoring Pinterest Managers to create successful Pinterest Management businesses I may have looked at you like this 😕 (that’s the confused face…apparently). 

Pinterest’s prototype hadn’t even launched yet so I would really have had that confused face. I wouldn’t even have known that “Pinterest Management” was a thing. 

When I got started as a Pinterest Manager there was very little material to help guide me in how to run my business and manage my client work, specifically as a Pinterest Manager. I’m hoping to change that for you!

5 tools every Pinterest Marketing Manager needs for business

I’m a big believer in the saying LESS IS MORE
I believe everything you do in business should be simplified as much as possible so that you and your client can get the best results.

When you have less to focus on you start to improve what’s already there. You begin creating better sales funnels, better Pinterest accounts and better content. This leads to more money and more impact.

In online business, we already experience impostor syndrome because we struggle to believe someone will pay us to market their business on Pinterest. I’m assuming you’re nodding your head furiously because #mindsetstruggles.

On top of that we’re constantly told there are 1 million things YOU HAVE TO HAVE in order to build a successful business. Okay that’s an exaggeration but that’s kinda how it feels right?!

Well instead of 1 million things I’m going to share 5 tools I use DAILY as a Pinterest Manager and Pinterest Educator. 


I would be lost without these tools. 
My desire with sharing these tools is to help you simplify your toolkit to only include things that actually HELP you achieve more and truly help simplify your life as a Pinterest Manager. Some of these tools may include affiliate links which means I get a commission should you choose to get the paid version. It comes at no extra cost to you and I don’t recommend tools I don’t actively use myself. 

1. Password manager

I use LastPass and this is a stress-saving tool. I’m not joking when I say that. There are alternatives out there so choose the one that works for you.

When it comes to managing multiple client accounts you want to make logging in and out of Pinterest, Tailwind and Canva as painless as possible.

LastPass is a fantastic tool (that you can use for free) to store your client’s passwords. If your clients don’t want to share their passwords via email (big no no for security reasons) you can get them to send it to you via LastPass.

It also auto-fills your login details for different sites making it easier to log in and out of programs when you have multiple clients.

No more back and forth with clients when they change their passwords or when you first need to login to their accounts.

I’ve also found that if you’re not located in the same country as your client sometimes you can struggle to login to their Pinterest account. With LastPass that issue has reduced dramatically and it only occurs when you and the client are on at exactly the same time.

I never thought I’d say a password management tool is #1 when it comes to my toolbox but I now don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

2. design program

Designing pins will likely become part of your monthly routine as a Pinterest Manager so getting familiar with a design program is important. 

When I got started I used Corel Draw (my husband is a designer so we had it on our computers). I was familiar with the program so it was the easiest solution for me. However, I have since started using Canva because of how quick and easy it is to use.

I’d suggest you get started using Canva’s free version if you’re unfamiliar with other design programs. I love using Canva now for quick pin designs or Social Media graphics. I’ve set up my own template designs in Canva to make my workflow a lot faster. 

When you work in such a visual field (hello Pinterest) having a go to design program you’re familiar with is crucial. I love that I can share my designs with clients in Canva and they can easily make edits or approve pin designs. With a traditional design program like Corel Draw that was a lot harder to do so make sure you streamline your process as much as possible by using the option that works for you.

3. organization program

When you have client work to manage and your business tasks to manage it can become extremely overwhelming unless you can clearly see what needs to get done, and when.

I love creating simple workflows for my month to ensure all the tasks are getting done in an efficient way. 

There are paper planners, digital planners and apps that can help you organize your schedule and your entire business. 

The tool I use to organize my schedule and my business is Asana.

Asana is a fantastic project management tool that keeps you on track with projects and your daily to-do list. One of my favourite features is that you can upload files and images to a project or task. 

As a Pinterest Manager this helps you keep track of all those pins, blog posts and brand guides you have stored all over your computer. Instead of filling your computer with all those images, analytics reports and so on you can add them to Asana under a client project you create. 

When you create a client project on Asana you can upload your keyword master list, their brand guide, their fonts, their stock images and all of the information they’ve given you during the on-boarding phase. Never loose track of those items again.

Having one place where you organize your schedule and manage all of your business files clears up so much head space (and computer space).

As a Pinterest Manager it’s important to stay on top of your tasks and Asana does a great job of helping you do that. I’ve also created a checklist especially for you that will help you manage your client work and make sure you’re not dropping any balls when it comes to your client experience and Pinterest Management. Fill in your details below to get access to The Ultimate Pinterest Manager Checklist. 

4. Payment processor

As a Pinterest Manager you want to easily create invoices and get paid. You’ll see a lot of people suggesting you use major software programs that send out invoices for you, track tax things, take payments and automates a bunch of stuff. That is GREAT but it’s not necessary when you’re just starting out. 

If you’re paying for software and you haven’t even earned anything yet you’re making a loss without validating your client process. In addition to that you have NO idea what you truly want from a program because you’ve never sent out an invoice or contract before. Once you’ve signed your first 5 clients then you can look into different options. 

PayPal and Stripe let you send invoices, get paid easily and safely, and withdraw the money to your bank account. It’s easy to keep track of tax requirements with their reports. The only cost is your PayPal or Stripe fee when someone pays you.

5. storage program

I mentioned above that Asana allows you to upload almost anything and that means it is a great storage program in addition to being a project management tool. 

However, my favourite storage platform for work I share with my clients has to be Google Drive, because most clients have access to a Google account making file sharing very easy.

Google Drive is a wonderful program you can use to get your client contracts created and signed (without all the back and forth). You can use Google drive as a way to share client files, reports, new branded images and pins. 

If I had to choose only ONE program (Asana or Google) to manage my business I’d choose Google because it has a Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Documents, Storage and more. It is also more widely used by clients making the file sharing process a lot easier. I would miss the project management side of Asana and the ability to have conversations with my clients or team.

BONUS TOOL: tailwind

How could I not mention Tailwind!!

When I got started as a Pinterest Manager I didn’t use Tailwind (it was still pretty new then) or any other scheduler. GASP!!

For six months I manually pinned EVERY SINGLE DAY for my clients. 
It was exhausting but I wasn’t ready to invest in a program until I knew it would work for me. 

So every day I logged into 5-10 different Pinterest accounts and pinned their content manually. I actually laugh thinking about that and I’m super proud of my dedication haha. I also didn’t have LastPass at that point so you can just imagine what my day looked like! Don’t worry, I’m saving you that stress by giving you the only tools you actually need to simplify your day and make your workflow easier to manage.

Looking back, I’d suggest you invest in Tailwind right from the start. Don’t make the same mistake I did and almost end up hating Pinterest Management because you’re overwhelmed by #allthepinning. You can add the Tailwind cost into your package price or require your clients to set up their own Tailwind account.

Tailwind is essential to prevent you from burning out. It is also the one tool that will allow you to serve multiple clients and scale your business without taking away that time freedom you’re after. Tailwind helps improve your client’s results because of the consistency in pin distribution, the ability to schedule at optimized times and more. 

here's the thing...

It doesn’t matter which tool you end up using to fulfill the needs above, what really matters is that you simplify your process as much as possible by only using tools that are absolutely necessary. 

When you simplify your process, you clear up mind space to focus on the things that matter. You do work that matters and you build a profitable business.

now it's your turn!

What are your favourite tools that you couldn’t live without? 

P.S. Don’t forget to download your Ultimate Pinterest Manager Checklist.

The Ultimate Pinterest Manager Checklist will help you stay on top of your client work so you don’t loose sleep hoping you didn’t forget anything. This checklist will take you through client onboarding, account set up, monthly maintenance and more.

After you go through it, you’ll be able to confidently provide your Pinterest Management clients with an experience they’ll rave about, knowing that you’re on track with all the tasks you need to complete.

Kathryn Moorhouse