How to plan your Pinterest Marketing for the year

Pinterest pinners like to plan.

Yes, that means the people you’re targeting on Pinterest get their planning game face on well before you at times!

According to Pinterest, pinners start searching for ideas, inspiration and answers TWICE as early as people on other platforms!


But there is a valid reason as to WHY!

Pinners feel that Pinterest helps them figure out what they should BUY and WHERE they should be shopping for it.

When you look at Pinterest as a platform FOR pinners, you start to see that it helps them find ideas and plan for all major events in their lives.

Think of the last time you used Pinterest for personal use. You were probably browsing for a specific item OR you were searching for ideas for your next event. Your audience is using Pinterest in the SAME WAY and they are searching for ideas, inspiration, knowledge and answers to their questions.

BUT… the key is that PINNERS ARE PLANNERS!

Try say that 5 times as fast as you can!

Your job as a business owner (whether you sell products, services or create blog posts) is to reach these pinners at the beginning stage of their planning process with your Pinterest marketing strategy.

WHY? Because then you can present your products, services or blog posts to them at a time when they are actively looking for it and when they are most receptive to it.

Planning your Pinterest marketing for the year will help you understand exactly what matters to your pinners at specific times of year AND how your business can become a part of their planning process.

Why Create A Pinterest Marketing Plan

Pinners don’t start searching for Valentine’s Day gifts 2-3 days before Valentines. According to Pinterest they actually start searching for it as early as December?!

If you haven’t planned out what events you want to participate in, as a brand, then you’ll be missing out on sales, leads and traffic by not getting in front of the pinners early enough.

If Pinners are searching for Valentine’s Day ideas in December already then you need to make sure you add your pin AT LEAST at the start of December. Pinterest sometimes recommends adding it slightly earlier!

Planning out WHEN you will promote a pin so that it has optimal returns on Pinterest is important if you want 1 in 2 pinners who see your promoted pin to buy your offering. You need to know when pinners are searching for that content and make sure your promotion starts early enough to capture the best conversions possible. 

You also need to know when your promoted pin campaign will start because I recommend your pin be on Pinterest for 2-3 months before you promote it so that you can VALIDATE that it attracts your ideal client through repins, clicks and conversions. You won’t know WHEN to add this pin to Pinterest if you haven’t figured out your plan for the year. 

For example:

If I’m selling Valentine’s Day gifts for women in 2019 and I know that pinners are searching for Valentine’s Day related content starting in December 2018 already.

Then I will plan to promote my pin from December 2018 to the start of February 2019.

However, I know that I only want to promote a pin that has been performing well for 2-3 months on Pinterest. So I need add my pin to Pinterest in September 2018 (2-3 months before pinners start searching for Valentine’s Day content) in order to validate my pin design, copy and SEO.

If you’re not going to promote the pin then you can add it in December 2018 when pinners start their search.

Pins that are available when pinners are searching for the content will become the most popular for that event. Older pins often perform better during events because the pins are available early on during the pinners planning cycle.

Instead of missing out on all the events because your pins were added to late, you can now ensure your pins become the go-to for the seasonal event or trend.

How To Plan Your Pinterest Marketing For The Year | Example plan

3 Areas To Focus On

What seasonal trends in the World (or your country) affect your ideal client/customer and is it something that your business would be involved in?

For example:

New Years, Christmas, Summer, Fall or Winter.


These are different events that occur every year that may affect your audience. Now the question is do ANY of these relate to your business?


Do you have a fall line being released?
Do you sell products or services for Christmas?


Once you’ve identified what seasonal trends in the world/ your country affect your audience AND relate to your business, you will select the events you’ll be taking part in. Now mark the dates on your yearly calendar for these events (we’ll cover how to plan when you add your content to Pinterest further down).

What seasonal trends in your industry affect your ideal client/customer and is it something that your business would be involved in?

For example:

Back To School, Back to College, Social Media Marketing World Conference, Fashion week,  Awards season or something topic related like Time Management.

Are you getting involved in any of the major events or trends happening in your industry? If you’re not directly involved will you be covering it on your blog?

Once you’ve identified what seasonal trends and events in your industry relate to your business, you will select the events you’ll be taking part in. Now mark the dates on your yearly calendar for these events (again, we’ll cover how to plan when you add your content to Pinterest further down).

What seasonal trends or events do you have in your business?
This could be launching a new product line, launching your programs, hosting retreats, new service launches or monthly giveaways you host.

You need to identify exactly WHEN you want to launch your services, products, programs or host any events or giveaways.


Before you mark these events in your calendar, take a look at the events in your industry and events in the world that you chose to take part in. 
Now you can more accurately see the BEST time of your for your launches or events based on what your audience will be engaged in at that time of year. 

Let's Map Out Your Pinterest Marketing Plan

You’ve now set the dates for the events you’ll be taking part in relating to events in the world and in your industry. You’ve also added in when you’ll be launching your products or services and any events that affect your business.

As mentioned above you should add your pin to Pinterest 2-3 months before the actual event OR you can use Pinterest’s handy guide below to see when your pinner starts searching for that type of content.

These dates apply to all world, industry AND business events.


So what happens when you’re launching a new service or digital product but it’s not going LIVE until the launch date?


You should create the full sales page or information page and add in a “GET NOTIFIED” or “JOIN THE WAITLIST” button so your audience can take action WHEN they’re searching for this solution.

You may want to launch your product in April but your client is looking for it in February already. By adding your pin in February you’re showing up in front of your client WHEN they are looking for it and during their purchasing journey. Your call to action allows them to join your email list and be notified when they can purchase.


So what happens when you’re launching a PRODUCT line for Summer and the products are only released at the start of Summer?


My suggestion is that you carefully look at your launch timetable. Pinners are actively searching for Summer content from February already. You may want to consider launching your summer line in April not June, because you have buyers wanting to purchase BEFORE they go on vacation. They also want their products delivered before summer starts. 


If you decide to wait until June to launch your line, then I’d suggest giving a sneak peak of a few pieces and add a “GET NOTIFIED” or “PRE-SALE” button allowing them to take the next step even if your line isn’t launched yet.

You’ve now set the dates your pins will go live on Pinterest, which means you need to set the dates your content should be added to your website, so that it’s ready when the Pins are added to Pinterest.

Depending on the amount of work needed to get this content ready, give yourself enough time to complete it so you’re following a realistic timeline.

How To Plan Your Pinterest Marketing For The Year 1

Where To Find These Trends

This Pinterest calendar shows when pinners begin searching for content related to the specific events shown.

Visit your calendar app and identify all the national holidays and events shown.

When searching for Industry events or World events you may need to do a Google search to find them. For example if the Winter Oplympics is something you want to use in your marketing, then identify the dates of the events by searching Google.

Another tip is if there are holidays like International Pancake day that is important for your marketing, then finding those dates on Google is important.

Your Pinterest analytics is a GOLD MINE of information and insight into pinners that have engaged with your brand and profile.

Go into your Analytics and click on the GREEN box (Your Pinterest Profile Analytics) and once it loads click on the button “CLICKS”.

This will show you what content your audience CLICKED on from your profile. It will include content from your website and content from other pinners that you added to your Pinterest boards.

How To Plan Your Pinterest Marketing For The Year 2

You will be able to see:

A. The most clicked pins in the last 30 days

B. The boards with the most clicks in the last 30 days


Using this information you can identify what content your audience is actively engaging with and ACTUALLY CLICKED ON!


This is SO important.


You’re not guessing what they’re interested in, you’re actually seeing what they TOOK ACTION on. 

Now each month I want you to identify any trends you see appearing and make a note of these on your calendar.


For example:

January and December both experience the same trend in my industry – PRODUCTIVITY & TIME MANAGEMENT.

My audience is interested in productivity during December and January EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I’ve made a note of this for the past 2-3 years and it’s been exactly the same.


Now it’s your turn. 


Identify trends in YOUR analytics and make a note of it so that you can take advantage of it in future!


Have you created your Pinterest marketing plan for the year?

Let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite events are this year!
Mine may or may not be International Donut Day!

Kathryn Moorhouse