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When to ask for a Pinterest Management testimonial

Always always always ask for Pinterest Management testimonials, sooner than you think you should.
You’re doing amazing work for your clients (or if you’re a new Pinterest Manager, you will be) and you want to share that proof with other potential leads. You also want to make sure that your potential clients can see that other business owners have enjoyed working with you and found your service worth investing in. The best way to do that is to ask for a testimonial sooner rather than later.

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10 reasons why content creators should be on Pinterest by Pinterest Expert, Kathryn Moorhouse. As a content creator your goal is to increase your sales, grow your email list, book new clients and scale your business using online marketing. But how do you know if Pinterest marketing is the right choice for your business? Get the answers here. #pinterestmarketing #pinteresteducator #contentcreator

Struggling to decide whether you should use Pinterest as a content creator? With so many marketing channels to choose from you need to be very selective with your focus. When you try and market yourself on every platform you usually end up overwhelmed and frustrated. I’m sharing 10 reasons why content creators should focus on Pinterest as their traffic generation platform.

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5 tools every Pinterest Marketing Manager needs for business

I had NO idea what I tools or resources I needed when I got started as a Pinterest manager but I knew I’d learn everything I needed to along the way. If you’re wondering what tools you need as a Pinterest Manager then keep reading…it’s a lot less complicated than you think. Let me outline some of the key tools you’ll need to get started as a Pinterest Manager.

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How to plan your Pinterest marketing for the year

How to plan your Pinterest Marketing for the year

Pinterest pinners like to plan. Yes, that means the people you’re targeting on Pinterest get their planning game face on well before you at times! According to Pinterest, pinners start searching for ideas, inspiration and answers TWICE as early as people on other platforms! THAT’S CRAZY! But there is a valid reason as to WHY! Pinners feel […]

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How to switch to a business account on Pinterest

How do you switch from a personal Pinterest account to a business Pinterest account? Follow this step by step guide to quickly and easily update your Pinterest profile to get access to the business marketing features for content creators and business owners. #pinterestmarketing #pinterestaccount #business #marketingtips #businessmarketing #kathrynmoorhouse #pinteresteducation

Figuring out what marketing strategies to implement for your business can be pretty challenging especially when it’s not something you’re passionate about. But in today’s business environment, marketing is really important and it’s constantly changing. Thankfully we’ve got some great free platforms that we can use to get our products in front of millions of potential buyers […]

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