How do you switch from a personal Pinterest account to a business Pinterest account? Follow this step by step guide to quickly and easily update your Pinterest profile to get access to the business marketing features for content creators and business owners. #pinterestmarketing #pinterestaccount #business #marketingtips #businessmarketing #kathrynmoorhouse #pinteresteducation

Figuring out what marketing strategies to implement for your business can be pretty challenging especially when it’s not something you’re passionate about. But in today’s business environment, marketing is really important and it’s constantly changing.

Thankfully we’ve got some great free platforms that we can use to get our products in front of millions of potential buyers worldwide. The key to successfully reaching those people is by optimizing the way you use the platform and making sure you’re taking advantage of everything they have to offer.


One of the great platforms that I personally LOVE is Pinterest. It is a major referrer of traffic, it’s a visual platform and it functions like Google which in a lot of cases means if you implement tactics to improve your Pinterest account you’re able to implement similar tactics to improve your Google ranking.

I could talk about Pinterest all day so I’m going to get to the core focus of this article which is helping you open a business account or switch from a personal account to a business one.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me why they should switch from a personal account to a business account and whether a business account will decrease their reach until they pay for promoted pins.

So here is the good news…

So far, all the business pages I manage (including 3 of mine) outperform personal pagesastronomically in terms of follower growth, engagement and interaction.

AND the benefits of a business account make the choice extremely simple.

The business account gives you the following added benefits:

A personal profile allows you to do the basics and pin, whereas the business account lets you connect your website and business to Pinterest.


If you’re wanting to use Pinterest or any other social media platform as part of your business marketing strategy, then you need to treat it like a business platform.

Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest you need to make use of their business options because you’re trying to COMPETE with other businesses in this environment. 


The analytics that business accounts provide in itself is worth the switch. Understanding the motives your audience has, their interest and the times they are online is extremely important to effectively market to them for free.


Whether you’re currently using a personal Pinterest account or you don’t even have an account I’m going to take you through the steps to set up your Pinterest business account below.


The first step is deciding if you’re going to switch from your personal account

to a business account OR start a business account from scratch.

Here are some tips to help you decide:

You may think that because you’ve got LOADS of followers on your personal account that you should just switch that account to a business account. It makes sense… but if all the followers are NOT your ideal client then it won’t help you at all. It may LOOK like you’re doing great but it’s not about the looks it’s about the leads. You need quality followers who are going to click through to your website and enter your sales funnel.

As you can see from point 1 and 2, it all comes down to whether your followers are your businesses ideal clients or not. You can update your boards to be more “on-brand” and update your pinning to be more targeted BUT the key reasons for switching from personal to business is if your current personal profile has followers that ARE your ideal clients.

Have any questions about whether YOU should switch from personal to business OR start up a brand-new business account? Let me know in the comments and I’ll help you decide for your specific situation.


Setting up a new business account with Pinterest is easy and should take you less than 15 minutes.

Visit this page on Pinterest’s website –

You’ll see a screen with the same info as below.


You’re going to click that beautiful red button that says “JOIN AS A BUSINESS” and a box will appear like the one shown below.

Fill Out The Info


At this point, I would suggest already using the email you will be/ are using for your business.

Fill out the rest of the information and click “CREATE ACCOUNT”. You can change these details at any stage so don’t worry if you’re still busy figuring out emails and business names etc.

Bonus tip: If your website isn’t live but you’ve got a construction page or landing page taking emails then put your website in there so that visitors can still visit that page in the meantime.


Switching to a business account is REALLY simple. No seriously, you just have to click a button.

Visit your personal Pinterest page and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 3 grey dots at the TOP RIGHT of your Pinterest account
  2. In the drop down click SWITCH TO BUSINESS ACCOUNT
  3. DONE!



  1. Make sure you’re already signed into your personal account
  2. Simply click on this link –
  3. You’ll have to fill in the same info as above OR it’ll happening automatically

YEAH! You’ve now officially got a Pinterest Business Account and you’re one step closer to Pinterest SUCCESS!!

I’m so glad you’ve made the jump to a business account!

Kathryn Moorhouse