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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela


When you invest in your dreams through education you’re creating meaningful change in the world. With every product you purchase on KathrynMoorhouse.com, you’re supporting the education and upliftment of someone in need. By investing in your own education and learning, you’re investing in OUR world.


Not only are you changing the world through YOUR work as you implement what you’ve learnt, but you’re also helping us provide an education and necessary resources to those in need.
Ultimately, we love what we do and seeing the impact our projects have, is truly the driving force behind this organization.
Migail de Klerk
Founder, Rural Reach

how we're changing the world one person at a time

Along with our non-profit partners, we’re providing access to education, basic human needs and job opportunities for people in South Africa. So when you purchase our products to change your business and life, you really are changing the world – one person at a time.

rural reach

The main organization we’ve partnered with is Rural Reach. A South African non-profit aimed at providing the basic necessities to those living in the rural areas within and around Southern Africa.

New washrooms with running water at the school

the kids are loving the new washroom facilities at school

Sherelize works at the local school and manages projects for rural reach

Almost everyone in town bakes their own bread

prayer and song time at school

4 wonderful girls who are part of the sponsor a child project

Pinterest manager bundle

When you invest in your Pinterest Marketing education, Kathryn will donate to Rural Reach to help assist in the projects for the community! While investing in yourself, you're investing in the education of others.

rural reach

If you have been looking for a non-profit to support, Rural Reach is a wonderful organization to assist. They're involved in uplifting communities around South Africa through hands on work and practical assistance.

Pinterest Manager Courses

A bundle of essential courses, templates and guides to take your Pinterest management business and service offering to the next level.​
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