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This year Pinterest is introducing changes to the Pinterest algorithm that will affect how business owners use Pinterest and the distribution of their pins. I’ve shared all about those changes in Pinterest Algorithm Changes Pinterest Managers Need To Know About, so if you’re not up to date with that info make sure you read that first!

Thankfully, Tailwind is always ahead of the curve and they’ve created a new feature to help you ensure that your pinning behaviour is aligned with these new changes.

Don’t you love it when the scheduling app you use makes your life easier AND makes sure you’re sticking with the best practices before your client’s pins even head out the virtual Tailwind door?

the new Tailwind Smarguide feature


The Tailwind SmartGuide has been designed to keep you up to date on Pinterest’s best practices.

They’re making it super easy for you to stick with the best practices on Pinterest and protect you from acting like a spammer on Pinterest. 

The guide will keep you on track with optimizing your strategy over the long term as Pinterest grows and develops over time.


At first the SmartGuide will:

1. Monitor your Pinning (through Tailwind) and alert you if what you’re doing might reduce your overall reach OR put your account at unnecessary risk

2. Suggest easy fixes to help you maintain a healthy queue of scheduled Pins

Down the road the SmartGuide will:

1. Keep you updated with the latest best practices on Pinterest

2. Share actionable recommendations on how to maintain healthy pinning habits, improve your strategy and make the most out of your Pinterest activity.


When using scheduling your pins or your client’s pins using Tailwind, you’ll be able to see the “ALL CLEAR” badge from the SmartGuide (prototype shown below) OR the “SPAM SAFEGUARD” notice (prototype shown below).

Tailwind SmartGuide - How to use the new Tailwind SmartGuide

If you’re scheduling a healthy volume of pins and sticking to the latest Pinterest guidelines then you will see the All Clear SmartGuide badge.

If the SmartGuide picks up potentially risky behavior that might reduce your (or your client’s) pin distribution you’ll see the notice below so that you can make adjustments before publishing the pins.

Tailwind SmartGuide - How to use the new Tailwind SmartGuide

If you haven’t read about the latest Pinterest changes, make sure you read this post!

In order to access the Tailwind SmartGuide you need to be on the pro-plan or higher.

are you excited about this new feature? let me know in the comments!

The Ultimate Pinterest Manager Checklist will help you stay on top of your client work so you don’t loose sleep hoping you didn’t forget anything. This checklist will take you through client onboarding, account set up, monthly maintenance and more.

After you go through it, you’ll be able to confidently provide your Pinterest Management clients with an experience they’ll rave about, knowing that you’re on track with all the tasks you need to complete.

Kathryn Moorhouse