Choosing your priorities in business and life | Motivational Blog

Everything on my list is important.
I need to focus on all of it.

You may be facing the reality that it’s been weeks since you last exercised or took your vitamins.

If someone told you that it must simply not be a priority in your life, your response might be defensive. Mine was.

It IS important, there is just so much to do it’s hard to get to all of it.

Choosing your priorities doesn’t actually mean the item or activity isn’t important. It just means that you’re choosing to place something else ahead of that activity. You’re prioritizing it in order of…what should get done (most times what we want to do).

The challenge we face is prioritizing the right things at the right time.
Exercising will be a priority but it won’t be a priority all day, everyday.

The same is true for everything else on your list.

When you take a look at things you want to achieve and who you want to become, a clear list of tasks or activities will appear.

It’s important to figure out what your priority will be each day and during different times of year.
While the dentist visit isn’t a priority today, it will be once or twice a year.

When you look at your work, it’s important to identify the select few priorities you need to focus on to move your business forward. Everything can’t be a priority at once. While it may feel like that is the case – it simply isn’t sustainable.

Selecting what to prioritize in your business will change the way you manage your day, your energy and your business.

When choosing your priorities for each day, it’s important to view it within the big picture.

Some days you will prioritize business over family and other days you’ll prioritize family over business – and that’s okay. 

This Saturday you’re heading to a networking conference (business priority) but on Sunday you’ve chosen to go to the park with your family (family priority). 

Your priorities will change daily so it’s important to continuously focus on the big picture when you select your priorities for the day.

How do you go about selecting your priorities?

Kathryn Moorhouse