Is your mindset holding you back in your business? As you start your online business, grow your small business or try scale your Pinterest management business you'll face mindset challenges that you need to overcome. Are you focusing on the positive thoughts that encourage growth? If you're struggling with marketing, business growth or finding clients the route problem is usually mindset. Let's fix that!

What CAN I do today?
What have I already done today?

It’s easy to focus on the things you haven’t done or haven’t achieved. Maybe you set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than normal hoping to jump start your day but you hit the snooze button. It’s easy then to frame your entire day around the fact that you couldn’t even get that right so what else will you get right today.

We tend to focus on the things we’ve failed at (big and small) because we want to do better and by thinking about it we feel it will help us not make that mistake again. What we don’t realize is that when we start our day thinking about what we didn’t get right before we even hit the shower, we are priming our mindset for the day.

We are focusing on not achieving things instead of focusing on what we have achieved and what we CAN do today.

Ask yourself am I thinking about what I failed at today or am I thinking about ways I can succeed today and how I can improve in the areas I failed?

Addressing the task you failed to achieve, let’s say snoozing that alarm, means you’re identifying what steps you can take to make sure you succeed at it tomorrow (putting it far away from your bed).

Once you’ve identified how to improve, let it go and focus on what you CAN do with your day.

Take a moment to think about the things you DID do and what you have to offer the world today.

Changing your mindset from focusing on your small failures to focusing on your ability and what you can do will completely change your mood and energy for the day.

Tasks you failed at are simply that – failed tasks.
They can become successful tasks by tweaking or changing the variables.
Failed tasks are successful tasks waiting to be tweaked.

At the end of your life, would you prefer to think back and see all those mornings you gave yourself a hard time for not achieving tasks like getting up at 5am or would you prefer to think back and see all the mornings you focused on the things you achieved and the biggest contribution you could make that day.

By focusing on success and the things you’ve achieved, you’ll inevitably begin succeeding at more tasks. Those failed early mornings will become successful early mornings. You won’t be bringing yourself down anymore you’ll be building yourself up and getting fired up to tackle your day.

Try out this shift in mindset today.

Focus on the things you’ve achieved like getting out of bed and something you’re grateful for like waking up in a warm home. Then think about what your highest contribution to the world will be today (serving your client, feeding your children, spreading kindness, whatever it may be for you). 

If a negative thought creeps in, tell yourself the following:
I’m working towards becoming a better version of myself every day. I’m going to share my gifts with the world. I’m grateful that I was given today. Today will be a wonderful day.

Your day can be great.
Your perspective is the key.

Kathryn Moorhouse