Pinterest marketing strategy

using my signature Pinterest Strategy Framework!

how would you feel if

You had people consuming your content, downloading your freebies and scrollin' through your offers ― all before you've even had your first cup of brew?

Here's how we do that


Create EPIC content that your audience WANTS and is actively searching for


Put that epic content on Pinterest so that you can get TRAFFIC to it automatically - every single day


Simplify your marketing message so that your customer can't help but say YES to your offer

Hey, I'm Kathryn!

I teach content creators and Pinterest managers how to simplify their marketing strategies, use Pinterest effectively for their business and create a profitable business that gives them the TIME freedom they've been searching for.

Love working with Kathryn! She is truly the expert when it comes to Pinterest marketing. I can’t stop referring her to others. She knows her stuff! Every month we are watching our followers and engagement go up.
Stacy Tuschl
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are you a content creator?


The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Checklist will help you get started using Pinterest consistently for your business. drive traffic to your website, offers and email list by taking consistent action. After you go through it, you’ll have a fully setup, search engine optimized Pinterest account AND you’ll know exactly what things to do every week to keep Pinterest sending you targeted traffic.

Are you a pinterest manager?


The Ultimate Pinterest Manager Checklist will help you stay on top of your client work so you don’t loose sleep hoping you didn’t forget anything. This checklist will take you through client onboarding, account set up, monthly maintenance and more. After you go through it, you’ll be able to confidently provide your Pinterest Management clients with an experience they’ll rave about, knowing that you’re on track with all the tasks you need to complete.

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Simplifying Pinterest Keywords Mini Course by Kathryn Moorhouse


Learn how to simplify Pinterest SEO and target the right keywords with limited space available. A simplified keyword research process that helps you find the right keywords for any account, to use those keywords in an easy way without wasting your time writing descriptions all day every day and to ensure your client's content ranks under those search terms.


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Drive traffic to your website, grow your email list, sell your products or become a skilled Pinterest Manager with the strategy I teach in my signature program, The Pinterest Gameplan™.

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Get started using Pinterest for your business with my introductory Pinterest webinars, workshops and training for bloggers, online store owners, Pinterest managers and content creators.

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