the pinterest gameplan™️

The most comprehensive program for advancing your Pinterest skills and developing a signature Pinterest strategy as a Pinterest Manager.

The Pinterest Gameplan™️ is a program designed for Pinterest managers and virtual assistants by a Pinterest manager and business coach.

It not only shows you how to use all of Pinterest's business marketing features for your clients but also the strategies behind using them...

as a pinterest manager!

by the end of this program you'll have:

But more importantly, you'll have the confidence to offer Pinterest Management services at higher rates knowing you have the skills, knowledge and strategy to get your client's results.

here's what a few past alumni students had to say about the program

Hannah Murphy
With Hannah Murphy

*Group Coaching Experience*

I can say with confidence that this is 100% the BEST Pinterest course I have taken.

After taking 10+ Pinterest courses, I can say with confidence that this is 100% the BEST Pinterest course I have taken. Kathryn breaks down every aspect of Pinterest and how to make the most of Pinterest. Kathryn goes above and beyond to support your Pinterest growth and answer any questions along the process. I am blown away by this course. If anyone was considering buying it, I'd tell them to 100% go for it. Kathryn knows her stuff and translates that knowledge through her program with such a high standard. I'm so grateful to have found Kathryn and continue to grow my Pinterest knowledge

Susan Crites
With Sue Crites

*Group Coaching Experience*

Your teaching style and ability to communicate are fantastic and easy to understand.

I just wanted to tell you I officially finished The Pinterest Gameplan™ and it was worth every penny! Your teaching style and ability to communicate are fantastic and easy to understand. You cover every facet and give practical, time saving tips of how to work effectively and efficiently. You provide an easy to follow guide to not only understand Pinterest, but succeed on it and you never fail to answer a question that pops in my mind as you're covering the material. The beautiful thing is I can also ask any questions in the FB group where you, along with the members, happily chime in to help. I looked at other courses and chose yours. I chose wisely - thank you!

Marissa Vittoria
Virtual Zen

*Group Coaching Experience*

I have been able to grow one of my client’s sales through Pinterest by 200%

Where to even begin. I can’t sing Kathryn enough praises. After becoming a Virtual Assistant, I knew I wanted to niche down to focusing on Pinterest services for my clients. As many can attest to, learning and utilizing any new platform can be so overwhelming, as well as super frustrating. Kathryn was recommended to me and from our first interaction, I knew she was the answer I had been searching for. She is an EXPERT in this field! Her course, Pinterest for Business has transformed my understanding and utilization of Pinterest. Since applying her concepts, I have been able to grow one of my client’s sales through Pinterest by 200%. I mean, what else can one say with those types of results! I highly recommend her and look forward to working and learning from her for years to come.

Graciela Rivera

*Group Coaching Experience*

The Pinterest Gameplan™ is the most complete Pinterest course I have ever taken.

Kathryn is indeed an expert and has a gift to teach giving you a solid foundation from the very beginning. I love how well structured the course is; all the tools and systems provided to simplify the way I was working on Pinterest. I have to say that Kathryn is impressive; she truly cares about her students, is very professional, and supportive. She has given me a lot of confidence now that I niched down my services to offer Pinterest Management. This course worth the investment, I highly recommend it!!

Morgan De Klerk
MDK Services

*Mentoring Experience*

She has coached and mentored me through my business and helped me get started with Pinterest for my business

Kathryn is beyond amazing! She has coached and mentored me through my business and helped me get started with Pinterest for my business. I've used her free checklist, Pinterest Playbook, and am now in her Pinterest course. SHE IS INCREDIBLE! I cannot believe how much I'm learning and how much info is jam-packed into her materials and online-course. It's well worth the money and Kathryn is an absolute joy to work with. Professional, knowledgeable, and does everything she can to help your business succeed. If you're looking for help with your Pinterest, she's the go-to gal!

Kirsten Sieg
The Pin Bar

*Mentoring Experience*

The support from Kathryn that’s included in the course is worth its weight in gold!

If you’re a Pinterest Manager and aren’t sure if this course will work for you, let me put your mind at ease. I thought I knew how to use Pinterest for my business...until I took this course! Kathryn teaches not only the basics of using Pinterest, but the strategy behind using it well. This is something that no other Pinterest course out there offers and is exactly what sets this course apart from the rest. Many people and courses try to teach using Pinterest; Kathryn will teach you how to create a bulletproof strategy to use Pinterest well. I promise it’s worth the investment for you and your business!

Leslie Laws
Just Sayin' Social

*Group Coaching Experience*

This course was a game changer for me in so many ways.

Kathryn Moorhouse is THE BEST! I just recently finished her course “The Pinterest Game Plan” and it was PERFECT! She was so detailed and organized in it, that I actually followed it step-by-step to re-vamp my existing Pinterest profile. This course was a game changer for me in so many ways. Being a Social Media Manager, I feel it is important to know all that you can about a social media platform and thanks to Kathryn, I can now say that I understand Pinterest better than I ever thought I would. So THANK YOU Kathryn! Not just for creating a course that is so detailed and easy to understand, but for making it fun and worth taking!!!

Allison Christie
Allison Christie Online

*Group Coaching Experience*

The Pinterest Gameplan™, it's an investment that just keeps on giving.

Pinterest can be awesome and overwhelming all at the same time, but Kathryn makes it all sooo much easier. Her step by step training and up to date knowledge makes sure you're doing all the right things to maximise your (and your clients) Pinterest results. There's so much more to it than regular pinning, and Kathryn knows all the best, long-term, genuine growth strategies that keep giving, month after month. Kathryn's teaching style is really calm and clear, and she is sooo helpful in the Facebook group too. Highly recommend training with Kathryn on The Pinterest Gameplan, it's an investment that just keeps on giving.

When you enroll,
you'll get access to

10 core chapters

You'll get access to 10 core chapters, released weekly over the 10 week period, covering all the key elements of Pinterest marketing for Pinterest managers through text guides, videos and audio files.


You'll get access to Kathryn's own Pinterest management templates, checklists, and swipe files to help you implement everything you learn in the program.


You'll have access to additional bonuses, by Kathryn and other industry leading business owners, designed to help you grow and streamline your Pinterest management business.


Businesses thrive when they build a network of supportive like-minded creatives. You're getting access to a private Facebook community to build relationships with other course members.


You'll have access to a Google Form within the course where you can submit your questions.
Kathryn reviews the questions once a week and updates the FAQ section of the program accordingly.

Stacy Tuschl
She's Building Her Empire

*Client Experience*

She is truly the expert when it comes to Pinterest marketing

Love working with Kathryn! She is truly the expert when it comes to Pinterest marketing. I can’t stop referring her to others. She knows her stuff! Every month we are watching our followers and engagement go up.

As a Pinterest manager your education needs are different. You don't need a simple, quick overview of Pinterest marketing to increase blog views.

You need a comprehensive program designed for a Pinterest Manager.​

you need to know:

Here's what you'll learn in The Pinterest Gameplan™

The Pinterest Gameplan™ is broken down into 10 core training chapters.

The program includes written guides, templates, checklists, quizzes, videos, and swipe files.

– [VIDEO] The Pinterest Visual Search Engine
– [VIDEO] Relevancy & recency
– [VIDEO] The role of the traffic generator
– [GUIDE] The keys to the Search Engine
– [CHECKLIST] Client onboarding questionnaire
– [VIDEO] Where Pinterest Finds Your Client’s Keywords?
– [VIDEO] How Pinterest Knows Your Client’s Keywords Are Relevant?
– [VIDEO] How Will Pinterest Use These Keywords On Pinterest?
– [VIDEO] What’s Involved In The Keyword Research Process?
– [GUIDE] Your Pinterest Keyword Research Process
– [SWIPE FILES] Description Formula Swipe File 
– [TEMPLATE] Keyword Master List Templates
– [GUIDE] Diving into your client’s pin design
– [GUIDE] Designing multiple pin image variations
– [GUIDE] Overcoming objections through pin design
– [GUIDE] Pin designs for different content types
– [GUIDE] Different types of pin images
– [GUIDE] Branding Pinterest Board Covers
– [VIDEO] Getting to know Canva
– [VIDEO] How to organize your Canva folders as a Pinterest Manager 
– [VIDEO] How to design Pinterest templates in Canva 
– [VIDEO] How to design 10 pins in 10 minutes or less
– [VIDEO] Designing pins directly on Pinterest
– [VIDEO] How to manage all of your client’s pins using Google Drive
– [TEMPLATE] Tracking your client’s content using Google Sheets
– [CHECKLIST] Pin design workflow
– [VIDEO] Pinterest Account Settings
– [GUIDE] Getting started with Pinterest settings
– [GUIDE] Pinterest Account Settings
– [GUIDE] Claiming websites and Social Media Channels
– [GUIDE] Bulk Create Pins Settings
– [GUIDE] Notification Settings
– [GUIDE] Privacy and Data Settings
– [GUIDE] Security Settings
– [GUIDE] Apps Settings
– [GUIDE] Additional Pinterest Features
– [TEMPLATE] Pinterest Profile Optimization Tracker
– [VIDEO] Getting Started With Account Setup
– [GUIDE] Pinterest Boards Overview
– [GUIDE] Pinterest Board Features
– [GUIDE] Pinterest Board Tutorials
– [AUDIO] The Different Pin Types on Pinterest
– [GUIDE] Uploading the Pin Types to Pinterest
– [GUIDE] Pinning Guidelines
– [GUIDE] Creating a Shopping Catalog
– [GUIDE] Pinterest Group Boards Overview
– [GUIDE] Pinterest Group Board Analytics
– [VIDEO] Getting Started With A Pinterest Strategy
– [GUIDE] The Pinterest Strategy Framework Overview
– [GUIDE] Creating a Pinterest Strategy
– [CHECKLIST] Pinterest Strategy Checklist
– [AUDIO] Adapting Pinterest Strategies
– [VIDEO] Getting started with Pinterest sales funnels
– [VIDEO] Before You Analyze Your Client’s Sales Funnels
– [GUIDE] The Pinterest Sales Funnel & The Customer Buying Journey
– [EXAMPLES] The Pinterest sales funnels for different end goals
– [GUIDE] Improving Pinterest Sales Funnel Conversions
– [VIDEO] Key Things You Need To Know About Sales Funnels
– [VIDEO] Getting Started With Automation & Scheduling
– [AUDIO] Choosing between the Pinterest Scheduler and the Tailwind Scheduler
– [GUIDE] Scheduling using Pinterest
– [VIDEO] Navigating Tailwind as a Pinterest Manager
– [GUIDE] Tailwind Features & Scheduling
– [VIDEO] The Different Tailwind Scheduling Methods
– [VIDEO] 1. The Open Time Slot Method
– [VIDEO] 2. The Optimized Scheduling Method
– [VIDEO] 3. The Exact Time Slot Method
– [VIDEO] Adapting The Scheduling Methods
– [GUIDE] Tailwind Tribes
– [GUIDE] Tailwind SmartLoops
– [GUIDE] Tailwind Insights
– [GUIDE] Navigate the analytics dashboard
– [GUIDE] Navigate the audience insights 
– [GUIDE] Navigate Pinterest Trends
– [VIDEO] How to use the Analytics Tracker
– [TEMPLATE] Analytics Tracker
– Understanding promoted pins
– Pinterest Ads Manager Overview
– Pinterest Ad Campaign Overview
– Promoted Pin Billing Settings
– Promoted Pin Audience Settings
– Conversion Tags
– Creating a Promoted Pin
– Analyze your promoted pin
– Adjusting your promoted pin
– [TEMPLATE] Reporting your promoted pin results
– Promoted Pin best practices
Abbey Ashley
The Virtual Savvy

*Client Experience*

A blog with next to no traffic to one that brings in 25,000+ website page views

I have absolutely LOVED working with Kathryn. I went from having a blog with next to no traffic to one that brings in 25,000+ website page views per month, with Pinterest as my #1 source of traffic. THANK YOU Kathryn, for making that happen!!

Plus you're getting these additional bonuses to help you grow your pinterest business

Kathryn's 5 Pillar Business Framework

As a business strategy coach, Kathryn works with business owners to create a sustainable, profitable and structured business that helps them create the business and life of their dreams.
In this workshop training, you're going to learn Kathryn's signature 5 Pillar Business Framework to help you lay the foundation for a scalable, sustainable and successful business.

Value: $800 (included in your enrollment)

3 Types Of Stories You Need For Your Brand

If you’re aiming to build a complete epic brand, these are the 3 types of stories you’ll need to craft. You want to come back to your core stories in all of your marketing exposure to continue building that essential know-life-trust factor!​

Value: $297 (included in your enrollment)

How do you make yourself indispensable to your Pinterest client

As a Pinterest Manager, you want to build long term relationships with your clients and keep them coming back month after month. This training will teach you how Kathryn has retained clients for 3+ years as a Pinterest manager and how you can do the same. Making your indispensable to your client is easier than you might think. Let's dive into key things you can do to make sure you're on their team for the next 3+ years!

Value: $297 (included in your enrollment)

How to build a stand out brand

It's hard to stand out online and book more of your ideal clients - RIGHT?! You need to show your dreamies that you will be the person to take them by the hand and solve their biggest problems. Your brand needs to showcase who you are and allow your potential clients to fall in love with you before they even really "meet" you! In this training you'll discover Ally's exact process to build a personal brand that gets you noticed and booked out!

Value: $197 (included in your enrollment)

How to create video pins on Canva

Pinterest video pins are a great way to build engagement and awareness for your clients on Pinterest. In this workshop you'll learn how to create video pins for your clients in Canva, the types of videos that perform well on Pinterest and the best way to leverage video for conversions.

Value: $197(included in your enrollment)

3 Steps To An Impactful Marketing Strategy

Danielle Tenconi will take you through her three steps to designing your own impactful marketing strategy, based on her 15 years of corporate expertise and experience. It will help you grow your business like never before — in ways that are both meaningful and measurable!

Value: $197 (included in your enrollment)

Batch, Schedule & Automate Your Social Media Marketing

If you're looking for tips, strategies and techniques to batch, schedule and automate your social media marketing.
If you've ever woken up and thought, "oh no I don't have anything going out today" this training is for you. Let's take you from an empty queue, to batching in advance, scheduling and automating!

Value: $297 (included in your enrollment)

Getting Unicorn Clients with Lilah Higgins

Branding is a VITAL part of building a flourishing business. In this training Lilah will give you actionable steps you can take in your own business to get visible, become referable, and build a brand that brings you Unicorn Clients!

Value: $97 (included in your enrollment)

The guide to productive and effective blogging

A guide for those ready to stand out from the pack (and create an SEO friendly blog that connects with potential clients). In this blogging PDF guide, Hannah will help give you inspiration and a clear strategy plan so you aren’t left wondering what to write, what to include in a blog post and how to connect with potential clients through blog.

Value: $47 (included in your enrollment)

That's $2426 in bonuses that you're getting for free as part of your enrollment!
Plus, I've added in a few surprise bonuses on top of these that you'll receive as soon as you enroll!

pay in full bonus

Simplifying Pinterest Keywords™️

A deep-dive keyword targeting course for Pinterest managers that want to go even deeper.

You'll learn how Pinterest keywords work, how pins are selected for 3 Pinterest feeds and the role of your client’s website in Pinterest SEO!
You'll learn my Pinterest keyword research process and my strategy for finding the right keywords for each client (template included)!
You'll also learn Implement the keywords effectively across your client’s Pinterest account and what formulas to use for your descriptions (formulas and examples included)!

Value: $199 (Included in your enrollment when if you choose to pay in full upfront)

Simplifying Pinterest Keywords Mini Course by Kathryn Moorhouse
Kirsten Sieg
The Pin Bar

*Mentoring Experience*

The Pinterest Gameplan™ is hands down the most comprehensive Pinterest course out there.

Kathryn is incredibly knowledgeable and truly an expert in the Pinterest field. From our first conversation, I knew Kathryn was someone I wanted to work with and felt confident investing in. The Pinterest Gameplan™ has exceeded every expectation I had going in, and I can say with 100% confidence that investing in this course was the best decision I’ve made for my business. Not only is the course incredibly thorough in using Pinterest, but it’s also jam packed with advice from a real Pinterest expert. Kathryn has filled the course with advice and tips and tricks from her own experience, which takes the course to a whole other level. And on top of everything, Kathryn is such a proficient and skillful teacher when it comes to Pinterest. She is so wonderfully invested in the care and success of her students and their businesses; I feel like I have a 1:1 coach most of the time!

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when you invest in yourself,
you're investing in others

Giving back and supporting others is at the heart of my mission.

When you join The Pinterest Gameplan™, one school child will be fed for 1 whole MONTH!​

So far, The Pinterest Gameplan™ has helped a girl in South Africa apply for college, provided school shoes to 6 school kids, provided necessary clothing to farm workers in a very rural area in South Africa AND helped install the proper pipes for flushing toilets at the local school and more – all through Rural Reach!

When you invest in your education, you're investing in the education of kids around the world.

Shannon Allena
Kaitlin Grace Marketing

*Group Coaching Experience*

The Pinterest Gameplan will teach you everything you need to know

You won't find a better teacher, coach or mentor to help you learn the ins and outs of Pinterest and how to manage a Pinterest account than Kathryn. She is incredibly giving of her time and expertise to all her students. She is super responsive whenever someone has a question. The support in her community really makes you feel like you have a whole village with you as you learn Pinterest. Whether you are wanting to learn to manage your own Pinterest business account or whether you are building a Pinterest management business to offer this as a service to clients, the Pinterest Gameplan will teach you everything you need to know and give you the coaching support you need every step of the way.

You're getting a risk-free
14-day refund guarantee

By the end of the first 14 days you'll have access to the first 2 Chapters, experienced your first set of office hours and if you're part of the group coaching, you'll have joined your first call.

Meaning you'll have worked through the Pinterest visual search engine foundation and Pinterest Keyword Targeting techniques.

If you decide you're not ready to go all-in with Pinterest management then simply reach out to me an I'll refund your investment within the first 14 days. Read the requirements for refunds by clicking below.

Zoe Bishop
Torchlight Marketing

*Mentoring Experience*

The only Pinterest course you'll ever need

This course was fantastic and covered everything to help you understand how to use Pinterest practically, Pinterest Marketing Strategies together with additional insight in to running your business successfully. Really good pace, you can dive in when ever you want and Kathryn always adds updates when necessary. As well as the video training which is excellent, you also get access to weekly coaching calls and a group page on FB! Kathryn is also always happy to help when you have specif Pinterest queries. I have learnt so much from her and this course. Highly recommend.

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frequently asked questions

You’ll have access to asking questions through the Q&A form in the course itself. Kathryn goes in once a week to update the answers. If your question has already been asked then you’ll see the appropriate answer in the FAQ.

Support through the question form for 2020 students will be available until the end of August 2021.

Yes, as long as you’re ready to learn and get stuck into some in depth lessons.
The lessons are focused on Pinterest managers but you’re more than welcome to join and apply it to your own Pinterest account (since you’re essentially your own Pinterest manager).

A new chapter is released each week.

When you enroll, you’ll get immediate access to the Welcome Chapter, Chapter One and some of the bonuses. 

Yes, I do.
You’re getting a risk-free 14 day refund guarantee. 

By the end of the first 14 days you’ll have access to the first 2 Chapters and some bonuses to work through.

Meaning you’ll have worked through the Pinterest visual search engine foundation and Pinterest Keyword Targeting techniques.
If you decide you’re not ready to go all-in with Pinterest management then simply reach out to me an I’ll refund your investment within the first 14 days. Read the requirements for refunds by the link here!

You’ll have access to The Pinterest Gameplan 2020 lessons forever.

Learn more about lifetime access here!

The program lessons will be updated for 10 weeks from the date of your purchase. Kathryn is not required to update the lesson content after that time.

You’re encouraged to engage and apply what you’ve learned immediately.
The updates will either be added directly to the lesson or in a new lesson or in a training video in the Facebook Group.

Shannon Allena
Kaitlin Grace Marketing

*Group Coaching Experience*

Most Comprehensive Pinterest Course & Best Coaching Support!

Kathryn's course is the 3rd Pinterest course I have taken, and it is by far the most comprehensive. What I really love about this course is that she starts with a top-down approach and covers the strategy of using Pinterest for marketing, how Pinterest works and the logic behind the implementation. Knowing the big picture of how Pinterest works as a marketing tool is so important to using it to grow a business. From there, Kathryn covers the implementation aspects like keyword research, optimizing profiles, creating boards, pin creation, scheduling and analytics. Kathryn's course also touches on overall business principles for building a business including things like sales funnels, which is another part of the Pinterest Gameplan that I love that I have not seen in other courses. Lastly, you won't find a better teacher, coach or mentor to help you learn the ins and outs of Pinterest and how to manage a Pinterest account than Kathryn.


Your teacher & coach

Hey, I'm Kathryn! I teach Pinterest managers how to simplify their marketing strategies, use Pinterest effectively for their clients and create a profitable business that gives them the TIME freedom they've been searching for.

I know what it's like to work a job that you dread going to in the morning and finally finding a career that lights a fire within you again.
Pinterest Management is that fire lighting career and as you continue to grow your Pinterest Management business I will be here serving you and helping you scale it to create the time freedom and financial freedom you've been looking for.

Simplifying your workflows, processes and Pinterest tasks will help you get back that time you dream of having with your family. Let me help you leap many steps ahead instead of starting from scratch.

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