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Here are all the courses included in the Pinterest Manager Essentials Bundle:

A deep-dive keyword targeting course for Pinterest managers that want to take Pinterest SEO further.

The ultimate business template bundle for Pinterest managers. All the templates and checklists you need in your Pinterest management business in one place!

Your guide to developing your own Pinterest marketing strategy using my signature Pinterest Strategy Framework!

This mini course contains the lessons from Chapter 6 & 7 of my signature program, The Pinterest Gameplan™️.

8 additional bonus training sessions by Kathryn Moorhouse and other business experts.

over 50% off when you get the bundle

You're getting these courses bundled together for $234.

If you bought each of the courses separately it would be an investment of $471.

Hey, I'm Kathryn!

I teach Pinterest managers how to simplify their marketing strategies, use Pinterest effectively for their business and create a profitable business that gives them the TIME freedom they've been searching for.

Love working with Kathryn! She is truly the expert when it comes to Pinterest marketing. I can’t stop referring her to others. She knows her stuff! Every month we are watching our followers and engagement go up.
Stacy Tuschl
She's Building Her Empire

use my exact templates!

Simplify your systems by getting access to tried and tested templates, trackers and strategies that have been used by over 500 business owners.

Price before bundling: $471

Over 50% off when you buy the bundle!

tell me more about each course

Simplifying Pinterest Keywords Mini Course by Kathryn Moorhouse


Learn how to simplify Pinterest SEO and target the right keywords with limited space available. A simplified keyword research process that helps you find the right keywords for any account, to use those keywords in an easy way without wasting your time writing descriptions all day every day and to ensure your client's content ranks under those search terms.

Michelle Boc
Pininsula Media


Kathryn's keyword course is the most comprehensive and in-depth keyword course out there. She gives you EVERYTHING you need to know behind how Pinterest works in terms of ranking keywords. You will learn GOLD MINE information about Pinterest and keyword research that will be a GAME CHANGER for your Pinterest marketing. Every module is full of value and information that you will not find anywhere else. You will not be disappointed with this course. I love the course and her teaching style so much that I purchased the Pinterest Gameplan course!

Dianne Hunt
Pinterest Manager

I just want to say that I've taken the weekend to dive into your course...

I've taken notes, actually read over, not skimmed, the PDF's, and had several "oooh now I get it" moments. Thank you so very much for taking the time to do all this. Your demeanor and delivery of the content makes it very easy to follow, understand and stay engaged.

Sue Crites
With Sue Crites

This course takes my knowledge of Pinterest keywords to a whole different level. ​

I knew how to search and choose them and where to put them on Pinterest, but not only do I know how to do that even better now, I know exactly how Pinterest looks at all of that and how to use that knowledge to grow my clients' accounts even more. I also know how to help my client use the keywords I've selected on their website to work with Pinterest for better results. I have a comprehensive knowledge of Pinterest keywords now. This course covers it all and then some!


The ultimate business template bundle for Pinterest managers. All the templates and checklists you need in your Pinterest management business in one place!

Sam Base
Pinterest Manager

Worth every cent!

If you are looking for a better understanding of how Pinterest SEO works and how to get the best results for your business using the powerhouse of Pinterest. This course (SPK) will have you feeling confident in your keyword research and keyword implementation that will give you results.

Cathy Guilette
Pinterest Manager

Awesome Course

Kathryn's Simplifying Pinterest Keywords is a must have to feel confident in your Pinterest strategy. Such great detail in the course and Kathryn is always ready to answer questions. Cathy

Shannon Allena
Kaitlin Grace Marketing

This course SO exceeded my expectations - a MUST for any aspiring Pinterest Manager!

Simplifying Pinterest Keywords was AMAZING!!! I had no idea all there was to know about Pinterest Keywords. There is so much more to it than just using the Pinterest search bar! After taking this course, I feel like I could really position myself as an expert on Pinterest keywords. For anyone wanting to be a Pinterest Manager or manage their own account, the SPK course is a must! And as usual, Kathryn, you went above and beyond just giving the 1-2-3 of it. You always give so much extra value with everything you teach in your courses with bonus information, additional insights, tips and things to consider that I just don't get from a lot of courses I have taken. I just cannot recommend you and your teachings enough to people. Thank you for being such an incredible mentor and resource. With you by my side, I feel more confident that I can build a thriving business as a Pinterest Manager.

dive into the course bundle now

Simplify your systems by getting access to tried and tested templates, trackers and strategies that have been used by over 500 business owners.

Price before bundling: $471

Over 50% off when you buy the bundle!


Setting up a Pinterest strategy for a new client can feel daunting so I've taken my years of experience as a Pinterest manager, coupled with feedback from my students to refine and create a Pinterest Strategy Framework that allows you to easily create a unique strategy without wasting time. You'll also get access to Pinterest sales funnel examples to help you layout your clients key sales funnels for increased conversions.


Read reviews and success stories from current and alumni students.

The Pinterest Strategy Playbook is your guide to creating your own Pinterest marketing strategy


Spending way too much time agonizing over your Pinterest strategy and wondering if you're doing it correctly to get the best results? 🤪 That ends today!! The Pinterest Strategy Playbook is your strategy coach taking you from overthinking it all, to finally feeling confident in your Pinterest marketing strategy 🥳

Domitille Holik
Mademoiselle Social

It is super helpful to get a clear step by step plan

The Pinterest Strategy Guide has been really helpful for me to create my own systems! I recently saw an increase in clients and got lost into my organization to the point where I felt like I was missing something! Even if I do know most of the information, it is super helpful to get a clear step by step plan to provide a really personalized strategy to all of my clients!

Brit Hyatt
Launch Your Daydream

You've been such a Pinterest lifesaver for our biz!

After trying, trying and trying over and over again to get our Pinterest strategy going, we finally decided it was time to bring someone in to help us. We were overwhelmed, we didn't know where to begin and we felt that even when we did start to get ahead, we didn't know where to go from there. With Kathryn's expertise, we now have an official game plan of how to tackle our Pinterest strategy and we're SO excited to do it. Her communication, delivery and quick answers to our questions far surpassed our expectations. Thank you SO much for everything, Kathryn.

Shaina Lewin

Kathryn Moorhouse's Pinterest Strategy Playbook is a really amazing resource!

I feel confident that when applying this new knowledge and using the easy to follow step by step processes listed in this playbook, I will be delivering my Pinterest management clients with the best results possible.

simplify your systems

By getting access to tried and tested templates, trackers and strategies that have been used by over 500 business owners.

Price before bundling: $471

Over 50% off when you buy the bundle!


Get access to additional training sessions and webinars from different fields like: branding, financial management, productivity, social media marketing, story telling and more!


I wanted to say thank you for the Pinterest Framework. It's SO helpful.

I knew the basics of Pinterest but was honestly quite lost as to the strategy I should employ, in the sense of going about pinning in a strategic and organized way. I had no clue how to be smart about it. I know have your framework and your amazing templates and checklists and I finally feel like the fog has lifted and I see the road clearly before me - even if I've yet to embark on it! Which is a little scary like everything out of one's comfort zone. I would also really like to thank you for the adequate pricing of your offer. I was worried the framework would be full of fluff like many others out there but I'm truly grateful for having found my money's worth of content and information. Truly, thank you. I've also really enjoyed reading your blog posts. I've been skimming mostly through lack of time and to get an overview of your work but will definitely keep it as a go-to source from now on.

Morgan De Klerk
Master Your Finances

Kathryn is beyond amazing!

She has coached and mentored me through my business and helped me get started with Pinterest for my business. I've used her free checklist, Pinterest Playbook, and am now in her Pinterest course. SHE IS INCREDIBLE! I cannot believe how much I'm learning and how much info is jam-packed into her materials and online-course. It's well worth the money and Kathryn is an absolute joy to work with. Professional, knowledgeable, and does everything she can to help your business succeed. If you're looking for help with your Pinterest, she's the go-to gal!




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No, this course is suitable for all business owners including Pinterest managers. The course material is geared towards Pinterest Managers and sharing how to do it for their clients. However, the content is applicable to your own business.

create your unique strategy

Simplify your systems by getting access to tried and tested templates, trackers and strategies that have been used by over 500 business owners.

Price before bundling: $471

Over 50% off when you buy the bundle!

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