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the pinterest gameplan™ is your ultimate guide to pinterest marketing

The most detailed Pinterest skills course for aspiring and experienced Pinterest managers.

This 12 week online program (which includes group mentoring, support and self-paced lessons) provides you with, the proven strategies my students use, to focus on the effective tasks and strategies for creating a sustainable source of long term, consistent quality traffic and customers for your clients.​

Whether you’re an aspiring Pinterest manager or an experienced Pinterest manager The Pinterest Gameplan 2020 is here to help you refine and develop your Pinterest skills, learn how to use Pinterest effectively for your clients, understand all the marketing options available on Pinterest for your client and provide a better service to your clients.​

After taking 10+ Pinterest courses, I can say with confidence that this is 100% the BEST Pinterest course I have taken. Kathryn breaks down every aspect of Pinterest and how to make the most of Pinterest. Kathryn goes above and beyond to support your Pinterest growth and answer any questions along the process.
Hannah Murphy
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Simplifying pinterest keywords™
is your ultimate guide to keyword targeting

Do you struggle with knowing if you’ve chosen the RIGHT keywords and whether you’re actually getting your client’s content to rank under those keywords? Are you stuck hitting that backspace button every time you go over on the character limit? You want to add #allthekeywords but there is no space. 

It doesn’t have to be that way! By learning how Pinterest keywords really work, what you MUST do to rank under your chosen keywords and how to implement them effectively across a Pinterest profile, you can finally leave all those struggles behind!

Simplifying Pinterest Keywords Mini Course by Kathryn Moorhouse
This course takes my knowledge of Pinterest keywords to a whole different level. I knew how to search and choose them and where to put them on Pinterest, but not only do I know how to do that even better now, I know exactly how Pinterest looks at all of that and how to use that knowledge to grow my clients' accounts even more. I also know how to help my client use the keywords I've selected on their website to work with Pinterest for better results. I have a comprehensive knowledge of Pinterest keywords now. This course covers it all and then some!"
Susan Crites
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Jessica Zimmerman and I created a course for the “non-techy” Wedding Planner, Wedding Floral Designer & Wedding Photographer, who doesn’t have a ton of time to waste.

In 14 days or less, you could have your Business Pinterest profile working for YOU, bringing LOCAL Brides to your website or blog. We’ll show you step by step how!

I have absolutely LOVED working with Kathryn. I went from having a blog with next to no traffic to one that brings in 25,000+ page views per month, with Pinterest as my #1 source of traffic. THANK YOU Kathryn, for making that happen!!
Abbey Ashley
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